How to use pet GPS locator

2018/1/20 16:22:10

Many people often look for dogs on the Internet or in the streets looking for cats , many people would rather spend more energy to find the lost pet, but do not want to use high-tech Pet Gps tracker to prevent the loss of pets, the following to share how to use the pet GPS positioning Prevent pets from losing.

Tools / raw materials

Pet GPS Locator

Pet collar

Method / step

1. Buy a stable pet locator, open the package, remove the locating unit and insert a Micro-SIM card for normal internet access as instructed.

pet gps tracker.jpg

2. Press the power button in the middle of the locator for 3-5 seconds to see the light after power on success.

How to use pet GPS locator.jpg

3. Scan the QR code to download the dedicated mobile APP, use the product's ID number and password to log APP, start the basic function settings.


4. Open the buckle, the pet collar into the buckle, after the snap into the lock, and then worn on the pet's neck can be.


Locator can be waterproof, palm-shaped light will change automatically with light brightness changes or closes.

Prevent immersion in the water for a long time, to prevent violent impact GPS locator.

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