How to use the GPS tracker to play its real role

2019/5/28 14:03:25

Everyone buys a GPS tracker, of course, to monitor the vehicle. So how do we use it to make a real difference?

First of all, before we buy, we need to distinguish which type of vehicle we are installing. For example: private cars, corporate unit vehicles, logistics vehicles, rental industry vehicles, etc. Because different areas of the vehicle have different functional requirements. Only choose a tracker that suits you to achieve the desired results.

Below, we make the following recommendations for users in different fields.

GPS tracker

First, personal use group: anti-theft, positioning GPS tracker.

For the individual user group, the primary purpose of using the GPS tracker is to monitor and view the location of the vehicle in real time, and to promptly retrieve or issue alarm warnings to prevent theft of the vehicle, and to make timely processing. This type of user can choose a car type GPS tracker with a common wiring type. Therefore, the GPS tracker has the functions of vibration alarm, electronic fence, offline alarm, etc. It can also choose to install a relay. In case of theft of the vehicle, it can also start remote power off and power off.

Warm reminder: It is necessary to take extra care to choose to install the relay. It is recommended to be installed by a professional technician to avoid traffic safety hazards caused by abnormal operation of the vehicle due to poor wiring.

Second, car loan, leasing industry: wireless GPS tracker, long standby GPS tracker.

Car loan and leasing companies belong to the high-risk control industry. Because there are contractual agreements with users, there are not many functional requirements for wiring products, mainly based on real-time monitoring and tamper alarm reminders. Therefore, it is most suitable to choose a long standby GPS tracker or wireless GPS tracker. Because they are concealed, they are not easy to be discovered, and have long standby time and convenient operation. Once the vehicle is found to be abnormal, wireless positioning can be started for tracking.

At present, most of the industry chooses the "wired + wireless" combination installation method, the main purpose is to prevent one of the equipment from being removed, and the other one can continue to supply positioning data.

GPS tracker

Third, enterprises, units, logistics fleet vehicles: oil monitoring tracker.

For enterprises, units, and logistics properties, in addition to real-time control of the vehicle's whereabouts, driving trajectory, and mileage, the most concern is the consumption of oil. Therefore, most companies will choose to install a fuel sensor. The GPS monitoring platform can be used to query and monitor the remaining oil in the fuel tank of the vehicle, and an alarm will be issued for the platform where the abnormal oil volume drops suddenly, so that the enterprise can analyze and monitor.

Fourth, concrete special vehicle: unloading monitoring tracker.

For the concrete industry, the two problems that enterprises are most worried about are: vehicle utilization rate, and bad behavior of stealing materials during material transportation. By adding a positive and negative reversing and unloading detector to the GPS tracker, the above two problems are effectively solved.