Indonesian dangerous goods mandatory registration

2019/4/24 16:03:11

The Indonesian government announced that from August 14, 2019, all electrical and electronic equipment, as well as any products containing dangerous chemicals, such as rubber shoes, crayons and mattresses, must be tested for safety before being sold to the Ministry of Trade. registered. To this end, the manufacturer/importer must test the potential negative effects of the product on human health, safety and the environment, as required by the authorities.

After the test is completed, the manufacturer/importer must apply for the registration number via the online licensing system of the Directorate General of Consumer Protection and Trade Order. In addition, the applicant must have a business registration number (NomorInduk Berusaha, NIB) and submit a statement detailing the brand and type of product and the name of the relevant distributor, agent, wholesaler and/or retailer. And address.

The application must be submitted together with the relevant laboratory test results. Test results must be issued within 6 months prior to the application date. In addition, the manufacturer must submit a copy of the business license and the importer must submit a copy of the trade license.

When the relevant product is launched into the market after registration, it must be accompanied by a label to clearly show its registration number. Such products must be re-registered every five years. If the company does not register for such products or violates regulations when selling the products, it may force the withdrawal of the products from the market, and will be fined and the business license/trade license cancelled.