Install car loan GPS tracking terminal can not ignore the details

2019/5/30 9:34:34

Based on the particularity of the car loan leasing industry, the installation of GPS tracking terminals in loan vehicles is one of the safety measures for car loan companies to prevent risks. In order to ensure the security of the loan vehicles, the installation of the car tracking GPS tracking terminal can not be sloppy. Now, let me share with you what details are not negligible when installing the car tracking GPS tracking terminal!

Car loan GPS tracking terminal installation instructions

1.Please install in strict accordance with the installation steps of the instruction manual provided by the GPS manufacturer. Select the wiring type GPS tracker, the conditions allow the installation of professional technicians to install.

2. Install the wiring type GPS tracking terminal. Remember to install it without power supply. After confirming that all the lines of the equipment are connected, turn on the power of the host.

3. The receiving surface of the GPS positioning antenna should be facing upwards, and the horizontal inclination should not be greater than 15 degrees.

GPS tracking terminal

4. After the GPS tracking terminal is installed, it is recommended to drive the car to the open space such as the sky to test whether the equipment is running normally; continuously power on for one hour or more to test the accuracy of the positioning information.

5. The GPS tracking terminal is an electronic product device, and the positioning accuracy will be affected by the location of the installation environment. Therefore, the installation location should pay attention to several factors: waterproof, shockproof, high temperature, anti-interference. You can consider tightening with a cable tie during installation to prevent the device from loosening.

Recommended best location

In general, the GPS tracking terminal installation position should ensure its concealment and can not affect the accuracy of its positioning. The following best installation locations are recommended:

The GPS tracking terminal is suitable for installation in the concealed area below the windshield of the car, the concealed place under the front decorative panel, the concealed area on the left and right sides of the trunk, the concealed place under the seat, the lower part of the left side of the car body, the left and right B pillars of the car, the vice drive The hidden position behind the storage box, inside the car rearview mirror, inside the spare tire of the car, the left and right side of the instrument panel, etc., the specific location of the GPS tracking terminal, according to the actual situation of the vehicle.