Lifesaving straw for outdoor activities - portable GPS locator

2018/8/7 17:32:26

Outdoor activities are increasingly favored by people, not just young friends. Nowadays, children and the elderly like to go hiking outdoors. But as an outdoor enthusiast, do you know what is necessary for outdoor travel? portable GPS locator is very necessary, because you can gps tracker your position at any time, you can quickly find a companion when you get lost.


First of all, of course we need to have a healthy mindset. This is the premise of all guarantees. Secondly, we must also have a team spirit in the outdoors. We must know how to help each other in order to overcome some difficulties that may be encountered in outdoor activities. In addition, your dress, from hats to shoes, is important for an outdoor sports person. Here are the items we must prepare before we leave.

Personal portable gps locator:

Regardless of the activity, security is always in the first place, so portable GPS locator are of course indispensable. But remember to prepare a battery for your portable GPS locator. Great-will portable GPS locator, free installation and wiring-free waterproof, long standby for 45 days, can be carried with you, three-mode positioning method will firmly lock your position, location information will be transmitted back to your bound family and friends mobile phone .


It is convenient to help you to contact the team in some blind spots with no signal. GPS walkie-talkie intercom function, no doubt this is the best choice for everyone, we all know that the less things you bring along the trip, the better.

Maps and compasses: outdoor activities, especially mountaineering, the most needed map is a contour map that shows the various topography of the surface, such as mountains, valleys, dangerous or gentle slopes, cliffs or cliffs; compass Then use it with the map.

Mobile phone:

In addition to the power is sufficient. There is also a common sense, that is, "112 emergency rescue line." Regardless of whether there is no receiving signal or weak power, any model produced by any manufacturer can be dialed nationwide. this point is very important!


If your underwear is not waterproof, it is recommended to bring a portable raincoat, especially in summer.


When you use a trekking pole, you can reduce the friction between the hand and the handle. It can also prevent the hands from being scratched by grass, branches, leaves, rocks, etc., and keep warm in winter.


Double layer is recommended, and aluminum alloy is more than three rods. Don't forget to bring the nails and the ropes.

Moisture proof pad:

This includes foam mats, mats or suede picnic mats.


Disposable lighters, be careful not to squeeze, easy to burst or explode.

Do you know the essential equipment for these outdoor activities? If you are lost during outdoor activities, portable GPS locator is your most important device!