Little Personal GPS Tracker Plays A Big Role

2019/12/18 16:10:55

With the rapid development of modernization and the improvement of people's living standards, the number of empty nesters and left-behind children is increasing. As children and parents, they are working hard for a better and better quality of life for their families, and at the same time, the safety of them is the key to worry. In addition, many pets become people's spiritual sustenance and play an important companion role in daily life. However, the pain of losing pets accidentally and not being found has also become a major urgent problem. Of course, there are many car owners' accidents and so on. There is no need to worry about these problems. The precise positioning of GPS developed by Huizhou Great-Will Industrial Co., Ltd. for the above problems provides security for your needs.


The elderly and children as part of the vulnerable group must pay attention to their safety issues. In response to this problem, Huizhou Great-Will Co., Ltd. has developed the GT012 personal tracker.

GPS personal tracker

The functions of GPS personal tracker

1. Real-time positioning

2. Historical track

3. Electronic fence

4. Voice monitoring

5. Vibration alarm

6. Remote switch machine

7. Ultra-long standby time


The features of GPS personal tracker

1. Positioning mode: GPRS+GPS+BDS+LSB multi-mode precise positioning

2. 1200mAh polymer battery, equipped with sensor, intelligent power saving, power saving design at rest

3. Exquisite appearance and high concealment

4. Multiple working modes: quick positioning, standard positioning and power-saving positioning

5. Multi-platform monitoring: support android, apple mobile phone APP, computer and other network clients, WeChat query

6. Suit for Worldwide


GPS personal tracker

Mini GPS positioning device is small size, multi-function, long standby time. It is as big as a bank card, and you can decorate it as a bus card, school card and so on, which others don't know it is a tracker. Its feature greatly enhances security.

GT012 personal tracker can be adapted for the elderly, children, students, and pets. It is easy to install, easy to carry and concealed.