Logistics fleet management GPS tracker case

2017/7/20 9:52:34

Tiandi vertical and horizontal logistics was founded in 1995, mainly engaged in high-speed land transport, general Qiyun, air charter package, warehousing and delivery to the integrated logistics business. And in South China, East China, North China set up three major areas; regional sub-pull center and nearly 20 branches, cooperation network throughout the country more than 1,000 second and third tier cities. More than 2,000 employees, a total of 430 transport vehicles and 120,000 square meters of warehousing and logistics center. Through TR08 GPS tracker vehicle monitoring system, we not only reduce the operating costs of vehicles, and do the following:

1, you can real-time understanding of the goods in the way, and calculate the time to reach the destination, to grasp the whole situation of goods

2, the vehicle in trouble, the driver can take the initiative to the monitoring center to send help information to ensure that drivers, vehicles and personnel, the safety of items;

3, whether to prohibit private cars, or the nearest shunting, to a certain extent, reduce fuel consumption and cost savings;

4, regardless of where the vehicle distribution, can be timely implementation of the monitoring center issued by the task, improve work efficiency;

5, vehicle violations or violation of industry regulations, the system can take the initiative to remind or alarm, to monitor the management staff to inform the vehicle in order to timely disposal of information.

TR08 gps tracking device Features:

voice communication acc detection turn off vehicle gps tracker.
Over speed alarm/ cut off fuel and electricity /vibration alarm.

Logistics fleet management GPS tracker application case