Long standby GPS tracker TR21, you deserve it

2019/5/24 14:14:20

Nowadays, GPS tackers can be seen everywhere in life. In the home, you can monitor your loved ones in real time and care for your family. Commercial, it can prevent theft and real-time viewing of the location of vehicles or items. Today, we will introduce a long standby GPS tracker.


        The long standby GPS tracker TR21 is smart wireless car gps tracker,and it is small in size; easy to install; 2 Year Long Standby time; electronic fence; Strong magnet, all-round no dead angle, on-call 24 hours a day and so on.

 long standby GPS tracker TR21

        As an installation-free GPS tracker, standby time is important. The functions of the general products on the market should be similar, so standby has become our main focus. Our products have a built-in 6800mAh high-capacity battery and can last up to two years. With the wiring type locator, it is an anti-theft device for leasing companies, car companies and other industries.


Customers give us a chance, we give you a safe car environment.

Long standby GPS tracker TR21 function introduction:

  1, Real time positioning

  2, Route Playback

  3, GPS + LBS, satellite positioning

  4, Built-in 6800mAh high-capacity lithium battery, the longest standby for two years

  5, Strong magnetic installation is attached to the iron plate

  6, All-round no dead Angle, on-call 24 hours a day

  7, Vibration Alarm

  8, Anti-demolition Alarm

  9, Sleeping Mode

long standby GPS tracker TR21