Mistakes in the purchasing GPS vehicle locators

2019/10/11 11:03:10

First, what are the Mistakes in the purchasing GPS vehicle locators?


1, GPS vehicle locators are not the cheaper the better


In fact, everyone knows a word ‘cheap is not good, good goods are not cheap! ’. Good quality, materials, workmanship, and technology all require a certain amount of money. Then the price of the product is low, or there is a production line that can control the cost; or it is to cut corners to reduce costs. Of course, it does not rule out the existence of good goods, but it depends on your luck!


2, GPS vehicle locators function is not the more the better


Some users of CNPC can't wait for a GPS vehicle locators to collect all the functions in one, so that they can spend less; but after the opportunity, they find that such GPS devices are unstable, and sometimes even the card machine will appear. For example: just like navigation, the simple locator is not worse than the full-featured navigator. On the contrary, the GPS device has too many functions, but it will run like a mobile phone, causing the card machine or crash. Normal experience.


3, do not use one or two to determine the quality of the GPS locator


Since the status of the positioning satellites is different every day, perhaps the same place, the morning reception is full, but it is possible to locate at night, and it may be difficult to locate for several days. Therefore, we have to use it for a long time to determine the good or bad of the GPS locator you are using. Do not blindly draw conclusions.

 GPS vehicle locators

4, the car positioning tracker sales do not mean good quality


Buying things seems to be the same as eating, there are many places where people are right, although sales can be used as a reference, but when buying this product, you still need to see what the buyer is saying, too good evaluation and bad reviews. Try not to buy, the seller's evaluation is generally more pertinent to believe, unless this product is really first-class technology, otherwise it is estimated to be fake.


5, GPS vehicle locators cannot be completely positioned


GPS vehicle locators are not like mobile broadcasts, there are signals everywhere, and many things will affect the GPS locator search star. It includes the distribution status of the positioning satellite, buildings, viaducts, electric waves, trees, etc. In general, looking up from the position of the GPS locator, the area where the sky can be seen is the area where the GPS locator can receive the signal. In comparison, the positioning accuracy of the Locator of Huizhou Great-will industrial Co., Ltd is still relatively good.


6, support function is not functional


There are many functions of GPS, such as SOS alarms, which are all dependent on attachments. If GPS supports these functions, it can be used with attachments. If it is not supported, it cannot be implemented.


7, there is no so-called indoor positioning GPS locators

Basically, there is no signal in the room, no signal, real indoor positioning. It is indoors from the beginning of cold start, but the same positioning is the real indoor positioning, but basically there is no meaning in indoor positioning, because I will not navigate at home.

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Second, purchase attention:


1. How to choose GPS vehicle locators?


Consumers should also combine the following brands, product quality, after-sales service, certification and price when purchasing GPS vehicle locators. That is to say, one, two, and three are the goods we often say.


Brand: Brand is a symbol of product quality and reputation. A good brand product also shows that the company's products have a good reputation in the market. In fact, the brand selection quality and reputation. The longer the history of the brand, the longer the production time, the corresponding service, and the quality of the product.


Quality: The importance of quality is not to be said here. It is like buying an iPhone and buying a copycat cell phone. The reality is in front of you. We need to pay attention to it. Is there a quality inspection system for small and medium-sized manufacturers? It is directly related to the stability of GPS product quality; in addition, the installation and maintenance of GPS locator products are all completed by the manufacturer. The level of installation and maintenance technology of the manufacturer is very important. From the production of GPS locator products, it is still only a semi-finished product, and it needs to be professionally installed and debugged before it can be used normally. The installation quality plays an important role in ensuring product quality.


After-sales: When it comes to after-sales, it is often the user's most concerned issue. Some manufacturers will disappear after they sell the product, or you can call the manufacturer, but the manufacturer is dragging it and directly affecting the user's use of GPS products. . There are many users who are not good at the after-sales service of the manufacturer and change other brands of GPS products.

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2. How to choose GPS vehicle locators?


Each type of positioner has its specific purpose and is suitable for the needs of different groups of people. For example, if you are a car loan company, then you can choose a long standby GPS vehicle locators. This locator is positioned once a day and can stand for up to 3 years. Of course, you can also set the positioning several times a day, but the battery life will be very short, much shorter than 3 years. If the target is continuously positioned, that is, it is positioned multiple times a day or even online in real time, the battery is likely to be consumed within a few days. So it's important to understand which type you need.