Modern Logistics Management Based on GPS Positioning and Mobile Communication

2019/10/7 16:27:02

The application trend of mobile communication technology in various aspects is gradually expanding, and the transformation of traditional industries is of great significance. Although there are many links in information technology, it is necessary to talk about the logistics industry in combination with communication technology to enhance the operational efficiency of enterprises. As a certain development trend of future technology, the logistics industry must also introduce information management and communication technology to improve operational efficiency. The role of mobile communication and GPS positioning in these aspects must also be highly valued by the logistics industry.


The future development of communication positioning technology in the logistics industry


The key applications of today's communication technology in the logistics industry are gathered in the aspects of communication and vehicle scheduling in the course of commodity transportation. The key technologies including mobile communication and GPS positioning are more important in the various aspects of transportation logistics, such as Relying on the logistics industry vehicle GPS locator to achieve the full process supervision of transportation equipment. In order to maintain standardized and efficient operation in today's logistics industry, the integrated modules of centralized suppliers are adopted for transportation vehicles, and the process management is carried out according to the method of online operation and interconnection of offline remote devices, and on the module equipment. The function of the module can be optimized by adding and adding functions as required.

 7.jpgGPS Positioning

In the process of mobile communication, the first goal is to maintain a reasonable communication mechanism, that is, the degree of signal stability, and in this respect, stable and effective equipment support is required. At the same time, there must be a certain amount of choice for the component brand model specifications, so as to ensure a reasonable connectivity in key environments, so that transport personnel and service personnel can achieve effective cooperation at the communication level, improve logistics operation efficiency. And a solution to the unexpected situation.


In addition, the application of GPS positioning technology has also positively promoted the quality service of the logistics industry. Today, relying on the positioning of the vehicle can instantly understand the delivery progress and provide effective feedback on the vehicle status. Detailed parameters such as the distribution of transportation and transportation efficiency are controlled globally. At the same time, this content service can also be applied to the customer side. According to the partial permission of GPS positioning, the customer can obtain their own merchandise logistics details in the corresponding app. At the same time, according to the GPS locator to transmit the collected information, the specific location of the commodity transportation vehicle can be observed in real time, and the customer can estimate the arrival date of the product. The more people-oriented service system can also enhance the customer's key consumption experience, thereby building a more intimate The corporate brand image of the service.