Monitor your child with GPS Vehicle Tracking

2020/3/2 16:37:34

When I was young, I already wanted to experience the feeling of driving. When I got my driving license, my parents always worried that it was not safe for me to drive alone. Every time I drive out, they will worry For a long time, for every teenager, driving a car for the first time will make them very excited, often it is this emotion that makes them lose their concentration during the driving process. So, for most parents, although they can get a child's license to drive for themselves, it is still accompanied by many annoyances, but if parents install a GPS vehicle tracking on their child's car, they can save them With a lot of trouble, they can always find their child's vehicle location on the associated device. If you are interested, you can click on our product link to enter our official website, which has a variety of equipment and services to help you track the driving situation of teenagers and prevent them from being distracted. Even if your child is driving alone, you can remotely monitor their driving directions and behaviors.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Do I need a teen driving tracker?

Some people may find GPS vehicle tracking unnecessary. But those who use car trackers will make their parents feel more at ease. And, according to the Highway Safety Insurance Institute, 2,734 young people aged 13-19 years are killed in traffic accidents every year. In fact, teen drivers have the highest risk of collisions per mile.

One of the reasons is that their lack of road experience is related to their young and impulsive personality. Therefore, in order to allow youngsters to have a better driving experience and develop good driving habits, each state has developed a graded driving license law. Even with this system, teenagers, like all drivers, can cause serious car accidents when dazed or distracted. Surveillance equipment can be an important tool to help parents educate their children to be a safe driver.GPS Vehicle Tracking

Tracking system functions

Vehicle tracking system function can become a car tracker for teens

  • Set up a geofence.

    When the vehicle crosses the physical boundary in real time, it will remind you by text message or email.

  • Target alerts.

    Alert you via SMS or email when the vehicle reaches a preset destination (for example, your child's school).

  •  Overspeed alarm.

    Limit the maximum speed of the vehicle. This setting prevents them from doing so even if the driver attempts to accelerate beyond that speed.

  •  Do not disturb mode.

    Transfer the driver's incoming call to voicemail and keep all text messages for later review.

  •  Driving information record.

    Save the driving route of the vehicle for playback.