Reduce GPS positioning equipment failure, these points must be done

2019/6/21 11:42:00

Electronic machinery, everything needs to be maintained, the following small series will introduce the problems that GPS tracker should think of when installing, try to reduce the appearance of GPS positioning equipment!

First, GPS positioning equipment installation and use need to avoid high temperature environment

In general, the optimal temperature for GPS positioning equipment operation is 22 degrees, the upward float cannot exceed 27 degrees, and the relative humidity of the air is 45%-65%. If the normal temperature and humidity are exceeded, the chances of obstacles when the equipment is running will increase greatly. In hot flashes and high temperatures, equipment performance and signals are inevitably affected. So try to install outside the high temperature area.

Second, the equipment needs to find the front and back, and the front side should face up

Many companies are buying wireless GPS positioning equipment, often ignoring the instructions on the device and placing the device with words on the side of the device. As a result, the location of the car that is positioned is not accurate. It should be known that the GPS satellite signal is vertically downward, directly causing the GPS antenna signal to face underground, which seriously hinders the positioning signal reception, and the positioning accuracy is greatly reduced. Therefore, install GPS positioning equipment and make sure that the receiving surface is facing up, the horizontal inclination should not exceed 15°!

GPS positioning equipment

Third, avoid being completely shielded by car body metal

Some customers have also experienced this situation - "The side with the word is clearly in the sky, why is it not accurate enough?" At this time, you need to check whether the installation environment of the GPS positioning equipment is completely shielded by metal objects. . Because GPS signal has a characteristic that it can not penetrate metal and concrete structure, it should be noted that the GPS positioning equipment should not be completely shielded when it is installed, otherwise it will seriously affect the signal receiving and returning.

Fourth, waterproof, anti-ash

At the same time, the installation of GPS positioning equipment should also choose to keep the terminal dry in the location where it is not easy to enter the water. At the same time, be careful to keep away from the air outlet. In case the temperature difference changes, the accumulation of condensed water in the terminal seriously affects the service life of the product. At the same time, it should also be noted that the dust back cover covers the surface of the GPS tracker and penetrates into the interior of the device, which affects the positioning accuracy and life.