Six indicators of car loan company purchase GPS positioning tracker

2019/6/25 16:44:22

The function is not much more refined, the GPS positioning tracker is constantly developing and improving, and the functions are also more and more. Some people think that the more functions, the more complete, the better. In fact, the function is not as complete as possible, but it is rather fancy and not practical. When car loan companies buy car GPS positioning tracker, they must first know what they need, whether it is basic positioning tracking, video monitoring or anti-theft or other. After determining the function they want and then selecting the corresponding product, they must know that a simple GPS terminal will be more stable than a full-featured product.

     When purchasing a car GPS positioning tracker, we must first know what basic functions the product should have:

(1) Satellite positioning. It can be positioned by loading the mobile phone cartoon power, and there is no dead angle in all-round positioning tracking. It can be positioned and tracked regardless of time. It is equipped with multiple sets of map correction errors, and the operation is simple and easy to use.

    (2) Driving track playback query. The owner can choose the driving track of nearly 120 days. During the playback, the speed, direction and dwell time of the time can be displayed. The playback is smooth and intuitive.

    (3) Equipped with Android/Apple mobile client. Simply download the client installation to the phone, you can query the vehicle location, playback track, real-time tracking, support satellite image browsing, and make the map browsing more realistic.

    (4) High-quality positioning chip, the chip of the positioning system is the core component. The advantage of the high-quality chip is fast, sensitive and power-saving. The actual test shows that it takes only about 30 seconds from power-on to full positioning. Generally inferior products will use cheap and inferior chips. This chip positioning is often inaccurate and the error is too large.

    (5) With intelligent electronic fence, intelligent automatic fortification can be SMS reminder. After the vehicle enters the fence, it will automatically enter the fortified state. After the vehicle is out of the fence, the owner's mobile phone will receive an alarm message prompt, without repeated settings, long-term effective.

GPS positioning tracker

After understanding the function of the product, we can refer to the following six parameters:

    1, positioning accuracy

    Many people care about the positioning accuracy of the device when they choose the car GPS positioning tracker, but in fact we don't have to care too much, because the positioning system is based on the release of time data, plus the constant synchronization of satellite position data, the receiver is calculated after receiving. And the chip part is like the same chip that we used to say that most of the products are used, and the calculation part is not which manufacturer can control it at will. The influence of positioning accuracy is mainly due to the stable reception of satellite signals. After continuously calculating the time data sent back by the satellite, it can be accurately positioned, but if the signal is lost, the accuracy of the positioning will also fluctuate. The accuracy of the positioning is the same as receiving the satellite civilian signal, the ultra-high precision is more than 3 meters, so the so-called better precision is less meaningful.

    2, positioning communication module

   Positioning the communication module, the product must have a strong signal receiving capability, otherwise it will not find the signal.

3, product stability

    The stability of the car GPS locator product must be considered, and the anti-electromagnetic interference is strong and the performance is stable. When the vehicle is bumpy, the temperature is high, there is electromagnetic interference, and the environment inside the car is relatively poor, it will affect the operation of the product, so the stability of the product should be emphasized. The advantage of satellite positioning terminals currently on the market is that it can capture and track signals and reduce signal interference caused by high-rise buildings in the case of occlusion and bad weather conditions. In addition, the stability is also directly related to the fast and accurate calculation of the path.

GPS positioning tracker

    4. Service operator

    Selecting the company's products with its own vehicle positioning system monitoring platform, the software upgrade and additional functions of the product are also worth considering. The selection of the brand is actually after the sale. For satellite positioning products, the subsequent service issues are more important, different manufacturers. There are also a variety of free software updates. Knowing when you buy it can avoid unnecessary troubles after use. Good after-sales service not only guarantees the use of the products, but also allows consumers to buy a comfortable and practical. The purchase of a large brand of products is not only guaranteed by its own quality, but also can enjoy a free upgrade service for a certain number of years.

    5, the size of the appearance

    Many people may think that the appearance of the product is not important, they are all similar, but they are also tricky. Since the car GPS locator is generally concealed, this requires that the device be small and hidden wherever it is.

    6, product expansion

    Super good equipment can reserve a variety of interfaces, optional call handle, navigation screen, service screen, meter, microphone and camera, so that we can expand different functions according to their needs, more custom.