Smart gps watch tracker project

2018/2/27 10:30:31

As an important branch of smart wearable device, smart gps watch tracker has developed rapidly in recent two years and its function is continuously enriched. At the same time, it has gained more and more users' approval. In the current first and second tier cities, kids gps watch tracker have almost become the standard children, consumers demand for products is also more and more diverse. Take Huizhou Great-Will Industrial Co., Ltd's smart gps watch program as an example to introduce smart gps tracker watch for children.

Smart gps watch tracker project briefing

The intelligent positioning watch in the program measures 40x15x189mm with a weight of 37g. It uses American food-grade liquid silicone with a fully-wrapped fuselage to prevent children's allergies and bumps from touching the skin without metal, and to make the living waterproof. Function, support for simultaneous reception of the United States GPS and the Russian GLONASS satellite positioning system, combined with Wi-Fi, base station, gravity sensor, a total of five signal positioning. Parents can set an area on the APP side of the mobile phone to automatically record the historical track, and the daily activities of the children can be continuously recorded for three months. When in danger, long press the power button to send distress signals to parents, and includes location data and 7 seconds of environmental recording. Moreover, parents can automatically generated according to APP built-in map to reach the children's navigation route, a key navigation to pick up the baby.


Intelligent positioning watch features

Chip positioning more accurate and faster

this smart positioning watch is the world's positioning chip for wearable smart devices, the chip features a compatible binary positioning (GPS and Beidou). Double star function can be more accurate positioning, tracking running sports scenes, easier to distinguish track traffic.

Another feature of this smart positioning watch: GNSS seconds based on dual-star positioning function. It can be said that this is the industry's advanced GPS Aiding solution (Assisted Global Positioning System solution). It supports multi-galaxy positioning, compared to the traditional car positioning, positioning closer to the building, fewer satellites. At the same time, this intelligent positioning watch there is no plug-in flash 2503D (32 +32) and plug-in flash 2503A (32 +32) two options.

Let the watch stand longer

The Smart Positioning Wristow is better at low power consumption and smaller (only 60% of the previous solution area). With the same battery life, standby time can be extended by 30%. This chip is more suitable to update the product definition, it allows the design has more application scenarios, so that wearing products in the volume and thickness of these two elements can be a better pursuit.

New watch features more and more cool

The intelligent positioning watch R & D engineers revealed that in addition to the functions of ordinary smart watches, the new generation of this smart positioning watch covers more functional elements, but also supports more and more cool features, Very worth the wait.