The car gps locator can also be used like this

2019/10/10 18:05:04

As the name implies, the car gps locator is installed in the interior of  the car to achieve the effect of positioning the car.


The car gps locator has a wide range of applications and has been widely used in commercial transportation, logistics and distribution, enterprise fleet, car rental, intelligent transportation, engineering machinery, ship shipping, emergency command, rescue and rescue, military and police safety supervision, and smart city.


A car gps locator has only the most basic positioning function to meet the needs of customers. The car gps locator company with technical strength will often expand the rich functions. The Locator supports the following features

 car gps locator

1.GPS precise positioning, support A-GPS, GPRS timed upload, the platform can track the vehicle in real time, and can play back the historical track

2.Browser, smart phone client multi-platform query and SMS query

3.Built-in battery, can cut wire alarm, low power alarm

4.Built-in acceleration sensor to support alarms such as vibration, collision, and drop

5.ACC ignition signal detection, vehicle status prompt

6.External relay can be used to remotely cut off oil/electricity and control vehicles

7.External SOS button for emergency call

8.External microphone for remote voice monitoring

9.Support multiple protocols, GPRS remote upgrade firmware

 car gps locator

Finally, I will give you a small knowledge about the car gps locator.


car gps locators are generally divided into three types: wiring type locators, OBD locators and portable locators.


1, wiring type positioner such as TR05 car gps locator, directly installed inside the car, can locate the car in real time, and the installation is concealed. Will not be discovered.

2, OBD locator is in-line type such as TR09, can locate the car in real time, easy to install, but easy to be found.

3, the portable car gps locator itself comes with a battery, there is long standby non-rechargeable battery AT-2 car gps locator, this need to pay attention to the power of car gps locator at any time.