The functions of motorcycle GPS tracker

2019/5/17 9:15:48

Stolen motorcycle are often loaded into a van in one minute. With motorcycle GPS tracker , you'll read the situation of your motorcycle, anywhere, anytime. 41% of stolen motorcycles never get recovered. Don’t become a part of the statistics. Get peace of mind that if your motorcycle gets purloined, you will be able to find it.

Monitor unauthorized movements of your motorcycle at any time with the assistance of a GPS tracker device that allows you to monitor your precious assets via phone app or pc.

motorcycle GPS tracker

Helps managers track their workers, that successively provides far better client service – causation the business to the front of the pack, competition-wise.

Helps you act faster and additional expeditiously throughout deliveries or in locating your vehicle to search out out wherever your workers is, even facilitate guide them to locations that they need issue finding.

Geofence options enable you to feature up to five zones, wherever your motorcycle is, or isn't approved.

The ability to trace your motorcycle live provides you protection against felony and reduces insurance prices within the future.

Should your selected motorcycle be in Associate in Nursing unauthorized space, you'll be able to receive alerts via email or SMS relating to their location and movement.

motorcycle GPS tracker

If motorcycle GPS tracker goes out of its selected zone, up to 3 contacts are often alerted to assist you retain track of your motorcycle.

Fleet managers and drivers will pinpoint the precise location of their assets and take necessary action to confirm that the motorcycles ar came quickly and safely.