The practical use of GPS tracking device in various industries

2019/7/15 11:06:13

Friends who have a car, who has not got a GPS? Since its inception, GPS tracking device has made great contributions to car owners, such as the car loan leasing industry, the bus management industry, the taxi management industry, the logistics and transportation industry, and the private car anti-theft industry have solved difficult problems for all walks of life. What is the use and actual effect of GPS tracking device? Let's take a look at it with me.


The use and actual effect of GPS tracking device


The user and actual effect of the GPS tracking device depends on how it is applied and how others use it.


First, car loan leasing industry


In terms of car loan, it mainly uses the track playback function of the GPS tracking device and the electronic fence function, and sometimes uses the power off function.


The track playback function can help the car loan company to check whether the user's home address and company address are true. The electronic fence can help the car loan company to predict whether the vehicle has the possibility of two-in-one. When the vehicle is about to be mortgaged twice, it can use the power-off and power-off function to stop it in time.


Second, the bus management industry


Bus management uses the real-time positioning function of the GPS tracking device. The real-time positioning function can help the manager to judge the location of the vehicle. When a vehicle has an emergency, it can dispatch the nearest vehicle to reinforce. Secondly, the real-time positioning can be sent to the mobile phone software for querying the real-time location of the bus. .

 GPS tracking device

Third, the taxi management industry


The taxi management industry often uses the GPS tracking device for real-time positioning, track playback, and oil off and power off function.


When the vehicle is out of date, the position of the car can be used to position the car for forced trailer. When a borrower has a traffic accident, the track playback can be used to determine who the driver was at the time. When the borrower refuses to return the car, the remote fuel cutoff function can be used to force the vehicle to stop.


Fourth, logistics and transportation industry


The logistics and transportation industry is quite special. It can be applied to the real-time positioning of the GPS tracking device for vehicle dispatch, and can also use the electronic fence for vehicle attendance punching. It is also possible to use temperature monitoring and vehicle fuel quantity monitoring to prevent the temperature of the truck from exceeding the standard and the vehicle oil against theft.


Five, private car anti-theft industry


Private cars mainly use GPS tracking device to carry out vehicle anti-theft. GPS tracking device real-time positioning, electronic fence, vibration alarm, power failure alarm and other functions are all car anti-theft functions.