These car loan risks must be understood for GPS Vehicle Management

2019/6/15 10:26:08

The development of any industry also carries risks. The performance of auto finance is very prominent. Many car loan companies have encountered the development of Waterloo. Failure to do risk control is one of the important factors. However, if you know in advance what risks you will encounter, you can do a good job of risk control in advance, so as to avoid bad debts and second strikes? Of course not, but doing some work is better than knowing nothing.

In the process of evaluating and reviewing car loan applications, car loan companies should raise their awareness of risk and do a good job in risk management. The risks faced by car loans mainly include the following aspects:

First, the risk of fraud

The risk of fraud is generally characterized by false identity of the owner, accident car, deck car, rental vehicle, and sealed car. This type of risk can be said to be the biggest risk in the car loan industry. It can only be prevented from internal wind control, and its own wind control model and wind are strengthened. The control strategy and the auditing skills of the risk control personnel verify the authenticity of the information in many aspects.

Second, credit assessment risk

Most car loan companies have their own set of credit management system and credit evaluation technology, but due to their different situations, combined with the lack of credit management, unreasonable, vehicle value, credit status, work and business status, family stability, liabilities Core credit management dimensions such as status and abuse have not been put in place, resulting in post-lending risks.

GPS Vehicle Management

Third, operational risk

Many companies do not have independent wind control lines, and some wind control process business personnel participate. The implementation of the wind control process is not easy to generate operational risks, such as vehicle value evaluation errors, GPS installation settings are unreasonable, spare keys are missing, and insurance expires.

Fourth, excessive debt risk

Separate emphasis is because of the universality, many high-risk customers who ran away are irrational and excessively indebted. Many companies do not pay much attention to the borrower's debt assessment. The borrower finally mortgages the vehicle twice (pledged vehicles) and finally even sells black cars. As a result, the car was empty.

V. Post-loan management risk

Many companies do not use the business system for data management after loan management. The execution is lacking and the cart is not decisive. In fact, customers have performance before systemic risks, such as interest payment delays, abnormal vehicle trajectories, and frequent shutdowns.

Many risks are uncontrollable, but in the era of big data, any behavior is recorded. Huizhou Great-Will Industrial CO.,Ltd provides professional GPS users with accurate GPS positioning, professional data analysis background, and professional services such as pre-installation and post-sales. GPS Vehicle Management with multiple positioning modes allows enterprises to monitor vehicles in real time. Based on this, GPS Vehicle Management collects positioning information and vehicle driving data to form a complete vehicle risk control solution to help enterprises make risk warning and control. .