These factors will affect the usage time of the GPS positioning terminal

2019/7/16 8:45:04

The same GPS positioning products, different people may have different service life, the service life of the GPS positioning terminal has a certain relationship with many factors. In general, the service life of electronic products is three to four years, but some products can be used for six to seven years, which is related to the quality of the equipment and the way it is installed and used.
Typically, for some wired pointing devices, there is a power IC on the board that prevents overcharging. Just like our mobile phone, if the long-term charging will affect the battery life, the tracker is the same. Moreover, some low-cost GPS positioning terminals have only one level of power protection, but some companies that value product quality use a three-level power IC to protect the GPS module.Moreover, the choice of positioning chips in the GPS positioning terminal is also a key factor in determining product quality and usage time. Some common GPS positioning terminals use a single-chip tracker, which has very poor positioning and poor data processing capabilities. However, there are also high-quality trackers that use imported intelligent high-speed chips. The data processing speed is faster than the traditional single-core tracker, and the system runs very smoothly. The principle is like the CPU of a computer. If the computer is running slowly, will you continue to use this computer? I am afraid I just want to change a lot of computers earlier.

GPS positioning terminal

After all, the GPS positioning terminal is also an electronic device. It is usually installed in the car for a long time before the charging is removed. If it is a fixed position, it will even be placed on the car until it is completely damaged. Therefore, because of this, the GPS positioning terminal will also be hit by wind and rain in the car, so in order to protect the internal components of the tracker, some experienced companies require the GPS positioning terminal to have waterproof and dustproof functions, so that the GPS positioning can be effectively extended. Terminal usage time.But also pay attention to waterproof does not mean not afraid of water. The watermark of the positioner is only waterproof, not anti-dip. Therefore, when installing the GPS tracker, the user should keep away from the air outlet and the vicinity of the condensing pipe to avoid the change of the temperature difference, so that the condensed water affects the service life of the equipment.In addition to waterproofing, it is also necessary to prevent high temperatures and avoid installation in high temperature parts such as the roof and exhaust pipes. In the summer, the temperature in these places can reach 80 to 1 Baidu, which has exceeded the operating temperature range of the GPS tracker.Therefore, having a GPS positioning terminal depends not only on the quality of the positioner itself, but also on the user's method of use and installation location.