Three methods of restting the GPS tracker

2019/11/22 16:23:10

Maybe lots of sellers will tell you, that if you forget your master password (if you modify it ever from default password, as you ought to do), then you are deep in black ass, and there is only choice for you, it is to send the GPS tracker to the sellers or to the producer to reinstall (re-flash) original firmwareThis may be a  lie in most cases and possibly it's aimed to fool the GPS tracker buyers to pay extra money for resetting GPS tracker. Actually, they are able to reset GPS tracking device easily by themselves.

In most cases, you'll be able to send your GPS tracker a simple command FORMAT123456 to reset it to factory settings. You will receive a confirmation FORMAT123456 OK! And so you ought to be able to use BEGIN123456 command and begin over all setup from the very begin.

 restting the GPS tracker

Alternatively, you can restore the factory settings in these two ways.

First way

1. Shut down the GPS trackeing device by holding the button for three seconds, unless it’s already off.
2. Hold the button for thirty seconds.
3. First you get the regular light-emitting diode blinks and beeps: the GPS tracker is on.
4. After holding for thirty seconds, the light-emitting diode blinks white and you hear some of beeps: the reset is complete.
5. Release the button. It's already up and running, and it is able to resume normal use.

Second way

1. Take the right USB cable and connect it to the USB interface of GPS tracker.

2. Turn on the GPS tracker and connect the GPS tracker to a computer USB port.

3. Wait  a moment until the computer recognize your GPS tracking device.

4. Please ensure the battery is totally charged, otherwise it'll  recharge the battery and GPS tracking device won't  recognized by your computer properly.

5. Also if you've put in TF/SD card, please remove them from the GPS tracking device.

6. Now open My Computer and you'll notice a Removable Drive.

7. Open the removable device and delete everything from that device. Some users copy everything into computer native directory before deleting all files from the GPS tracker.

8. Now disconnect the GPS tracker from your computer and check.

 restting the GPS tracker

factory reset is totally different from the regular boot processwhere you hold the button three seconds and turn the GPS locator on and off. With a factory reset, the GPS tracker will forget everything what it remembered, except for its firmware and most important settings like how to communicate with the network.

You can do that right once the problem happens, because it doesn’t need a power supply or other special tools. Although I would like to suggest that don’t reset the GPS tracker when the battery is low and not more often than once during a whileA problem that keeps coming back will bring a lot of serious, and then repetitive resets might damage the GPS locator.