Truck gps tracking monitoring system solution

2018/4/20 14:32:05


The solution of GPS monitoring system regulates the driving behavior of trucks, effectively reduces the accident rate of trucks and improves the efficiency of trucks.

The main functions provided by the on-board Truck gps tracking positioning system are as follows:

1. Vehicle Positioning: First of all, through vehicle terminals and global satellite positioning, it is possible to provide vehicle positions, driving directions, and driving speeds in 24 hours, and support a variety of map display methods. In this way, a full understanding of the vehicle can be obtained.

 2. Track playback: Truck gps tracking system has a powerful track playback function, can query the vehicle at any time of the traffic situation, dynamic display of vehicle trajectory on the map, and can playback the traffic situation.

 3, emergency help function: Truck gps tracking monitoring system with emergency help function, which will achieve a safety management. When the vehicle encounters an emergency, it can press the alarm button to request for help from the monitoring center. Through this function, the personal safety of the bus driver can be guaranteed. In the bus, a connection can be made with the police. Once the situation arises, it can immediately reach the crime scene and enhance the safety of the bus.

 4. Report Management: Truck gps tracking monitoring system can automatically generate a daily driving report, parking report, traffic report, parking report without fire, and statistics the daily delivery time, collection time, driving time, and driving mileage. In this way, it can be intuitively understood whether the bus driver is walking according to a predetermined schedule.

5. Power-off alarm function: When the vehicle is trimmed, the battery is stolen, or the car GPS positioning system is removed, the system can automatically send a text message to the owner's mobile phone for reminding.

6. Speeding alarm, fatigue driving alarm, etc. Through this function, the driver can make the bus run under a regulated condition, and at the same time, it can also make the bus run in a better condition.

GPS positioning tracking device is conducive to the traffic department to play a certain role in the supervision and management of the vehicle, the traffic department only need to use the GPS positioning tracking and monitoring platform will be able to understand the operation of the vehicle, and more to protect the safety of large trucks.

●Two types of trucks that must install Truck gps tracking monitoring system

1. Dangerous vehicles: The above regulations have been very clear. Due to the special nature of dangerous goods transportation, it is necessary to monitor the vehicles in real time. If the vehicles deviate from the specified area or route, they will automatically report an alarm and problems will occur.

2. Loan car: Another loan car is also required to install GPS. For the mortgage company, to prevent the loss of mortgages, to recover the balance and reduce business risks, they will install GPS on the car for mortgage business. In this way, real-time monitoring, remote fuel off, and remote recovery of the vehicle can be realized.