Use common sense of GPS vehicle tracking device

2019/7/22 11:48:54

The GPS vehicle tracking device greatly protects the safety of vehicles and drivers, as well as the efficiency of fleet management, so it has a wide range of applications in the individual car owners, car rental or car loan industry. How to better use the GPS vehicle tracking device, what should be paid attention to during the use process, there are some guiding suggestions below.


1. How many GPS vehicle tracking devices do you need to install in a car?


This depends on the type of object used. If it is a personal owner, install one. If it is a car rental company or a car loan company, two GPS vehicle tracking devices are generally installed, which are wired and wireless. If the car is very expensive, you can install more than one to ensure safety.


2.install GPS vehicle tracking device, does it affect the car itself?


If the wired GPS vehicle tracking device is installed, there may be looseness due to the connection of the ACC line, but it has no effect on the car.


If the wireless GPS vehicle tracking device is installed, there is an independent power supply in the GPS. As long as it is placed in a hidden position of the car, it has no effect on the car.

 GPS vehicle tracking device

3.where is the GPS generally installed in the car?


Wired equipment installation method, it is more convenient to go to Automobile Sales Servicshop 4S or repair point to find the maintenance master to install, if you want to install it yourself, find the hidden installation location, as long as there is a line can be installed, according to the equipment equipped with the tutorial Just install it.


Wireless devices do not need to be installed, just put them in a hidden place.


Wireless GPS vehicle tracking device generally has several fixed mounting points, you can refer to it:


(1)Front and rear bumpers: The front of the bumper is the best position for many companies to install. Because the magnets are sucked up, you can't see them at all, so at the beginning, the front of the bumper is still a good installation position.


(2)the trunk: a lot of places of the trunk can install GPS tracker, it is OK to directly suck, of course, next to the taillights of the trunk, there are more locations that we do not know.


(3)spare tire inside: Install a GPS tracker inside the spare tire, when checking the GPS tracker, they will not think there is a wireless tracker inside the spare tire.


(4)inside the seat: Many friends think that it is not very safe to install GPS tracker in the seat? But friends who know how to install know that the GPS tracker is directly plugged into the seat. It can't be seen at all, that is, it is installed in the seat, it is difficult to find the place through the eyes. This enterprise that is currently installed more than 80% will put one in this place.


(5)inside the rearview mirror: This is a location that you can't imagine. Can a small rearview mirror be used for the next wireless GPS? These are not a problem for GPS manufacturers. No one will notice that there is a wireless GPS device inside the rearview mirror. Therefore, rearview mirrors are also an alternative place for more than 80% of companies.

 GPS vehicle tracking device

4.every time you want to chase the car, you have to call the manufacturer, it is very troublesome. Excuse me, is there any way to call?


After purchasing the GPS tracker, you can enter the background provided by the manufacturer, enter the account number and password to log in, and check the positioning of the vehicle. Now you can view it on multiple platforms, computer and mobile phones.


5.if the GPS vehicle tracking device is installed in the customer's car, no one can be found now. Can I find the specific location of the car by positioning?


GPS vehicle tracking device is real-time monitoring. If the GPS tracker is installed on the vehicle, you can operate it in the background. You can check the location of the car, or contact the GPS device manufacturer to find the location of the car. The address can be very precise.


6.if the customer turns off or removes the GPS tracker on the car, can you find the location of the car?


It is recommended to install both wired and wireless GPS on the car. If the wired GPS is removed or turned off, we can use the advantage of wireless GPS installation concealment to find the location of the car.


7.want to check the location of the vehicle, send instructions to the device via SMS, why not reply?


It may be caused by the following factors:


(1)The device has no mobile phone signal or power off, call the SIM card number on the device to see if there is a normal connection sound;


(2) Check if the card has the text message function enabled;


(3)Check if the SMS stored on the card is too much;


(4)The delay of the SMS gateway may be;

 GPS vehicle tracking device

8. the device's trajectory is wrong, and the track point jumps and does not match the actual position?


In this case, it is drifting, usually caused by a bad GPS signal environment. Do not over-close the installation location, and do not block metal objects. Occasionally, the drift is normal, and most GPS products have this phenomenon under current technical conditions. If you are always arbitrarily polluting, you should observe whether it is drifting when you drive to a specific location, probably because some areas have poor signal conditions (such as underground parking garages, tunnels, alleys, High-rise buildings, magnetic fields, etc.) If this is not the case, there may be a product defect, please return to the factory for testing.


9. why is the device offline?


Offline is that the device is disconnected from the server. After offline, the GPS data of the device cannot be uploaded to the server, so what you see on the platform may not be the current location of the device.


There are usually several situations that can lead to offline:


(1)The device is turned off or powered off.

(2)The device has no cell phone signal.


(3)SIM card arrears, GPRS service expires or package changes.


10.the newly installed equipment, why is it displayed in the field?


If the vehicle is loaded with a tracker, it will display a "stationary" status on the platform, but it will also be displayed elsewhere on the map. This is because the vehicle is always in a stationary state after the device is installed, and GPS data is not transmitted to the server when the device is stationary (saving traffic considerations). This phenomenon is because the device does not have the latest positioning data to the server, and the old positioning data is displayed. So I see the old location data.


Solution: Please drive the vehicle out to the open area for a long distance. When the vehicle is in motion, the latest positioning data will be transmitted to the server to see the exact location.