Vehicle Tracking System and Its Advantages

2020/10/23 9:43:55

Managing a fleet of vehicles is not easy. It entails a responsibility that goes beyond just watching over a group of trucks or cars. You need to know its speed, real-time location, where and when it halted, and for how long. 

Thankfully, advancements in technology have led to the invention of vehicle tracking systems. These monitoring systems can help you do the tasks a fleet manager is assigned to do with ease.

Here are some of its advantages:

Vehicle Tracking System and Its Advantages

  1. Vehicle Maintenance

With a vehicle tracking system in place, you will know when a truck or car is up for maintenance. This helps you ensure that your vehicles are all up and running and that they won’t encounter any unwanted scenarios while on the road.

  1. Employee Tracking

With your vehicles fully monitored, you also get to monitor your employee drivers’ behaviors on and off the road. The tracking system has a live map tracker that provides updates as frequent as every minute. Moreover, modern vehicle tracking systems have features that allow you to receive alerts the second a driver commits an infraction like overspeeding, sudden braking, and swerving. With these data, you will be able to know which employees are following company and road policy and hold those that are not accountable.

  1. Reduced Downtime

Having a vehicle tracking system helps fleet managers find more efficient routes for their vehicles, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. For delivery companies, for one, this not only saves them cut down fuel costs but also get more items delivered on time. This helps the company not just in terms of overhead expenses but also in terms of reputation.

  1. Improved Safety

As you get to know the truck’s real-time location, you know whether they are in a safe location or not. Also, most GPS tracking systems like greatwill-tr08m come with an SOS button that drivers can press to ask for help should they find themselves in an unfortunate situation. This immediately sends an alert to the fleet manager and the fleet manager can send help as soon as possible. As they also know the real-time location of other vehicles, they will know which vehicle to deploy to the location of the emergency. 

  1. Asset Tracking

Vehicle tracking systems help you track your assets. Since you have a way to know each vehicle’s real-time location, in the event that they get lost or stolen, you can retrieve them right away. Besides this, these systems can help you keep an eye on your vehicle’s performance and monitor key aspects like engine oil, fuel level, temperature, and the like.

  1. Timely Alerts

Tracking systems have a feature called geofencing. With this, you can set up an area you consider a business zone or a safe zone for your employees. The second the vehicle goes beyond this preset area, you will immediately get an alert. This prevents drivers from going to non-work-related places and keeps them from driving into unsafe areas.

And as mentioned above, with an SOS button in place, fleet managers will receive timely alerts in case of emergencies, allowing them to send immediate help to affected employees.

  1. Reduced Time Spent on the Road

GPS tracking systems also prevent employees from incurring idle time. Since they are monitored in real time, any time that they spend doing nothing, moving not even an inch, in an area that is not their supposed destination, will be recorded and they can be reprimanded for it. Moreover, with tracking systems, fleet managers can find better routes. By better, that means no heavy traffic or no obstructions like roadworks. This reduces the time they have to spend on the road, meaning more trips made in a day and more productivity and less fuel consumption.

  1. Optimum Vehicle Utilization

Monitoring your fleet in real time means making the most out of your vehicles. You can prevent idle time, reduce time spent on the road by creating more efficient routes, and reduce fuel consumption. You not only cut down expenses but also increase productivity and that means a good thing for your business.

  1. Reduced Paperwork

With things going digital, there’s less paperwork for you to do. With a vehicle tracking system, all you need is an app where you can see all data regarding your fleet. You can check their location on the app or from a website and there’s no need to record things manually. Also, this saves you from incurring errors, which normally happens when things are done manually.

  1. Customer Satisfaction

All these mean customer satisfaction. Faster trips with efficient routes, less idle time, less time spent on the road all scream better transportation of goods. For delivery service businesses, a vehicle tracking system will help you deliver the product at the right time or even earlier! If you keep this good service up, your customer will be satisfied and they will very likely recommend your service to their family and friends, which means more clients for you.

These are just some of the benefits a vehicle tracking system offers. The list is longer than this, proving that having one in place is an investment that is safe and profitable for you. 

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