Vehicle gps tracker installation location

2017/11/20 19:39:46

Vehicle GPS tracker installation is pay attention. In General, the main point of GPS tracker installed is hidden, the signal is good. Let's take a look.

First, hidden

Hidden location there are many, such as motorcycle electric car rear parking lights, the front, the installation should pay attention to the GPS tracker plug inside, do not open the cover can be seen. In the case of a car, there are more options, under the trunk, under the steering wheel, under the front and rear windshields, front and rear bumpers, door sills, roof lights, rear-view mirrors and more.

Vehicle gps tracker

Second, the signal is good

Hidden location a lot, but part of the location will affect the GPS tracker signal strength. For example, some people like to install the locator under the seat of an electric motorcycle, which is the seat when riding a bicycle. This is not good because the human body can also affect the GPS signal.

If the car, away from the iron, windshield, some people installed in the trunk spare tire, it is not desirable. Because the top of the trunk itself has iron on the locator has caused a certain degree of impact on this basis, but also the locator package in the spare tire, then your GPS tracker basic positioning is very slow very inaccurate.

Vehicle gps locator installation location-1.jpg

Third, the temperature is not high

GPS tracker is also afraid of heat, when installed to avoid the temperature is too high, such as the engine can not be safe, because the car driving the engine will have a lot of heat, although the flow of cooling water will be taken away, but sometimes High, it is not suitable for installing GPS tracker nearby.

Fourth, the humidity is not high

Moist environments can also cause fatal damage to the GPS tracker, an electronic product, so we have to pay attention to this when installing. Installed under the wiper plate to pay attention to waterproof work, with a waterproof cover.

Vehicle gps tracker installation location

Try not to install in the air conditioning near the condenser, especially in summer, when the car flame out, the condenser suddenly the temperature rise from low, will lead to dripping. Condenser tube can be installed near, although the locator also to prevent low temperature, but it can work in the case of -30 ℃, the car air-conditioned how not below 0 ℃, right? So in fact, this place can be installed GPS tracker, but it must be waterproof.