What are the GPS tracker device categories

2017/8/17 10:38:58

Traditional wired GPS tracker devices

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Traditional wired GPS equipment, as the name implies, such equipment is the use of power cord to connect the car battery power, itself does not carry large capacity battery, once removed or battery power, will be in a short time (0.5-1.5 hours) loss of positioning ability The In spite of this, traditional wired GPS devices can record vehicle travel information as much as possible, historical trajectory, real-time alarm status, parking information, etc., which is very important to the customer. After connecting the ACC line, the management team will become very convenient.

Traditional wired GPS equipment also has its shortcomings, it is easy to be cherished by the heart of the people to find and then removed, after all, in the car where the location of the wire can be known, as long as the vehicle wiring familiar, understand the technology will be able to GPS to find the demolition. And the installation of wiring GPS is relatively complex, need to be broken line installation, the general situation skilled workers also need to close to 20 minutes. Some models have a long time after the car parking power failure, it is easy to trigger a false alarm, the vehicle for a long time parking, there will be battery power problems.

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OBD Quick access to GPS tracker devices

OBD quick access to GPS devices, plug and play function, its design inherited all the features of wired equipment, some products attached to a more powerful function, but said that because the installation interface can be directly inserted in the OBD interface, so install Very convenient, for no professional installation of the small loan company is very convenient. And it also has an extra effect, like a car loan company, after the installation of OBD products, customers if the private key, it will trigger the alarm. But its drawbacks are equally obvious, no technology, the owner himself can be easily removed, low security, not suitable for mortgage rental car, for private car management.

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Rechargeable wireless GPS tracker devices

Rechargeable wireless GPS device, simply point it is a charge Po plus a wired GPS, the general function is very similar with the cable products, the same can be real-time return vehicle travel information, record travel track, record parking information, and built a speed The sensor uses it to determine the vehicle's travel and rest. But the power supply is a rechargeable lithium battery, it will not limit the installation location, a lot of small loan companies, or inventory financing projects will use these products, easy disassembly, repeated use. His disadvantage is that the use of lithium batteries, there is more serious battery consumption phenomenon. Over time, the battery life will be shorter and shorter, and after installation generally up to 3 months after the consumption will be all the power. And in the professional GPS pseudo-base station scanner equipment scan, real-time return information will be very easy to expose themselves.

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Wireless hibernation GPS tracker device

Wireless hibernation GPS devices, these products are on the market the largest use of a class of products, the volume is easy to hide. The biggest feature is that under normal circumstances, the device is in a dormant state every day or a few days will only start at a fixed time to send a position signal to the background. The use of non-rechargeable low-loss dry batteries, at least to ensure that more than two years standby work time, the biggest advantage of such equipment usually dormant state, the device is not easy to detect the detector.

 Disadvantages of course also exist, such as no trajectory, can not determine the historical position of the vehicle, there is no real-time location, issued to start the car command delay, the instruction time for the next product start time. If the instruction is issued incorrectly, the battery life may be exhausted, causing the device to be unable to locate before completing the trailer. The face of professional mortgage car fraud gangs, strong magnetic adsorption products, portable magnetic scanner can still easily scan to.

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Wireless non-magnetic hibernation GPS device

Wireless non-magnetic dormant GPS equipment, as the name suggests, wireless no magnet, then how to install it? Is also very simple, in the device can be affixed with 3M glue with the body tightly paste together. This is actually only set the product, fixed time to start receiving information without sending information, but for the user, the first standby time will be seriously damaged, up to 15 months or so standby time, will not meet the needs of most users. And for the professional mortgage car fraud gangs, these products with the cable products to find the difficulty is almost the same.