What are the meanings of these five parameters in GPS tracking product

2019/8/1 11:21:03

GPS tracking products have a lot of parameters, these parameters have their own meaning, here I will introduce the significance of these five parameters here.


1.The chip


The chip mentioned here can be broadly referred to as the chipset used in the car GPS tracking product, and it is also the core part of the GPS tracking product. It is mainly responsible for GPS decoding signals, operations, and translation into positioning data. At present, the products purchased on the market are only chipsets produced by several companies.


The performance of the chip, in fact, for the traditional closed system PND, it does not mean much. It is already sufficient to meet the positioning work. Therefore, what kind of chip is used, in fact, the difference in the experience of the user experience is getting smaller and smaller.


2.The number of channels


What is the number of channels? It refers to the number of channels that a product chip can simultaneously receive satellite signals. The number of different chips is different. Some may be as many as 60, but in fact, we are not worried about the impact of the number of channels. why would you say so? Because, under the best theoretical conditions, GPS positioning will only receive 12 satellite signals at the same time, among which only need to stably receive 4 to operate, so 12 channels are enough.

 GPS tracking product

3.Start time


The startup time is often mentioned in the GPS tracking product, such as how many seconds to cold start and how fast the hot start is. In fact, users who have actually used GPS should have known that the startup data itself is only tested under a theoretical environment, and the strength of the GPS signal is affected by many external factors.


4, positioning accuracy


Positioning accuracy refers to the proximity of spatial entity location information to its true location. In fact, we don't have to care too much about this data. Because the GPS global positioning system is based on the release of time data, plus continuous synchronization of satellite position data, the receiver is calculated after receiving the information. The chip part, as we said before, most of the products use the same chip, and the calculation part is not which manufacturer can control at will.


The influence of positioning accuracy mainly comes from the stable reception of satellite signals. After continuously calculating the time data sent by GPS satellites, it can be accurately located. However, if the signal is lost, the accuracy of the positioning will be affected. At present, the GPS civilian signal received by the positioning accuracy has a maximum precision of more than 3 meters, so that the meaning of better accuracy is not great.




For the industry of GPS navigation, navigation map software will cause greater difference to users. The software used by some of the corresponding general-purpose machines is the same, so the functional feedback to the user is basically the same. The software upgrade cost and additional features of the product are one of the factors that we deserve. Because this directly affects the user's payment costs, but also represents the diversity of a product's features.


Summary: Choosing a GPS tracking product, we don't just look at its product parameters. In the purchase, we also need to carefully check out!

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