What are the precautions for installing a GPS positioner with a battery

2019/10/14 15:07:49

The installation-free GPS positioner with a battery has more installation range than the wired GPS. The GPS positioner with a battery is also a strong magnetic GPS locator. Everyone is familiar with the installation location or things to be aware of. Perhaps you still don't know the importance of the location of the GPS positioning device. If the location is not installed, the GPS signal will be affected.


When installing a GPS positioner with a battery, we should pay attention to the following:


1. Try to avoid installing in a place where metal objects are blocked. This will affect the reception of GPS signals, and satellite positioning cannot be used, thus affecting the positioning accuracy.


2, Rear shell of GPS positioner with a battery in Huizhou Great-Will industrial Co, Ltd has built-in strong magnets, can be directly used to adsorb the car, when installing, you should choose a thicker iron metal parts.

 GPS positioner with a battery

3. Specific installation steps:


A. Open the cover of the GPS positioning device and insert the SIM card into the card slot correctly.


B. Turn the power switch on. (turn the power switch to the "ON" state)


C. Cover the cover.