What if the GPS locator cannot find satellite signals

2019/8/8 17:51:27

The most common problem consumers have after purchasing GPS locators is the search satellite. This article mainly explains the solution that cannot be searched for satellites caused by software. Regarding the hardware, the main influence is that the receiving chip, antenna, and even the casing may affect the GPS satellite search. So don't think that equipment with a metal casing is good, in fact, this will affect the speed of the search star.


First, indoors, basements, subways, etc. are basically unable to find stars.


        When many consumers get GPS locators, they usually turn on GPS at home, but they can't search for satellites. Consumers will be very strange, why is it clear in the store, it will not work when you arrive at home. The original GPS satellite positioning is vertically positioned. The satellite directly directs the signal from above to the device. If it is indoors, basement, subway, etc., it is basically impossible to find the star.

 GPS locator

Second, after using it for a while, you can't search for GPS.


       In this case, if all your GPS settings have not changed, you can try resetting the machine with reset. In the past, you can search for stars, indicating that the hardware is no problem, the software is normal, and if the reset cannot solve the problem, you can only find the manufacturer's warranty.


Third, subject to interference


        When using a variety of electrical appliances, such as a driving recorder, GPS cannot be used normally. Then, the reason why the GPS signal cannot be searched is most likely the result of mutual interference of the electronic products. Because the signal bands are too close together, they cause mutual interference. The owner can choose to use only one of the appliances, or try to wrap the board with tin foil to eliminate interference.