What is OBD GPS tracking Device

2018/6/13 16:24:33

OBD GPS tracking Device is a GPS tracker with OBD second-generation on-board diagnostic function. It is a plug-and-play GPS tracker based on OBDII interface. It integrates the new features of anti-theft, fault diagnosis, monitoring, alarm emergency and OBD GPS tracking Device functions and integration.

Compact appearance, embedded GSM module and GPS module, can instantly monitor and record vehicle speed and location, support area fences and abnormal alarms, SMS message channels, etc., remote monitoring to ensure worry-free. 1 second installation, plug and play, mainly used in vehicle positioning management, vehicle fault early warning, vehicle physical examination, as well as fuel consumption statistics and safe driving assistance analysis.

OBD GPS tracking Device product features:

1, high reliability circuit design, in line with the automotive electronics industry related standards.

2, built-in high-performance GPS chipset. In the weak signal conditions can be accurately positioned.

3, built-in GSM / GPRS module, support GSM900/1800MHz (850/1900), can work worldwide.

4, new support for OBDII car interface standards.

5, support SMS communication or GPRS TCP connection, can receive location information through the mobile phone SMS, or view the trajectory on the Internet.

6, with voice calls (requires access to headphones)

7, the product can currently read through the OBDII interface vehicle mileage statistics, fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, engine temperature, engine speed, maximum speed, minimum speed, voltage, oil pressure, fuel air ratio of ten vehicle status data.

8, with SOS for help functions, off oil power function, external power line cut alarm, electronic fence function, speeding alarm, historical data upload, parking throttling upload and car tracking timed upload and other functions.

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