What is the MEI number for gps tracker

2019/5/10 15:36:02

I met a customer today, the phone was lost, there is no way to query location information, I bought a new phone but did not check the account of the car, there is no way to log in.

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Tell me that only the license plate number, I am also very enthusiastic to help this customer, but unfortunately very helpless, without the device's IMEI number, query location information is like a needle in a haystack.

The IMEI number on the gps tracker is the ID number of the gps tracker, so only the manufacturer of the IMEI number can be queried to find out the basic situation of the device, how to produce, where to sell, etc., and the password can be initialized.

In addition, the IMEI number is also the only way to activate the gps tracker. Due to the special nature of the GPS locator device, it is often necessary to use some positioning platform, so you need to use the IMEI number to activate, to ensure the normal operation of the device and platform. 

Therefore, it is best for Every customer buy the gps tracker with the IMEI number registration number.

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