What is the best GPS car tracking device

2018/7/31 11:05:51

There are many GPS car tracking device in the market. Depends on their usage, GPS trackers they categorized as Personal GPS car tracking device for tracking persons, Fleet GPS car tracking device for tracking all Fleet vehicles,Plug in GPS trackers , wireless GPS car tracking device,Real-Time GPS trackers , kids GPS tracker for tracking the safety of your kids and more.

Our company Great-will  providing Best efficient GPS Tracking devices for all vehicles and also provides GPS Tracking system software for tracking all your valuable assets.

By using Great-Will Free GPS Tracking system allow you to track real-Time tracking of all your vehicles in Mobile ,Tab and in Desktop with 6 months historical data of the vehicles.

As far as I know, the best GPS car tracking device has the following conditions:

1. The price is right, competitive price

2. Mini size, stable positioning

3. GPS positioning platform to view data stability, no drift state

4. Most vehicles can be used normally

5. Gps signal is better

6. Popular in the market

TR08 Mini best GPS car tracking device is designed to meet the needs of various peripherals. Its wide voltage range ensures its stable running on electron mobiles, motorcycles, cars and trucks.

Small but compact, its highly reliable electric circuit and internal battery design functions not only basic tracking but

SOS Call

Tele-Cut off fuel


Over Speed Alert

Historical data upload and more.

TR08 best GPS car tracking device Specifications:

GSM baseband IC:MTK 6261D

GPS IC: Ublox G7020

GSM band: 850/900/1800/1900MHz


GPS signal: L1,1575.42MHz C/A code

GPS channels:56 channels

*GPS/GSM led light: blue and red

*Mini size:66*33*10.5mm

*Working voltage:9.5V-36V

GPS positioning accuracy:10-15m

Average standby current:<2.5mA

Average working current:<55mA

Working tempreture:-20~+70 centigrade

Working humidity:5% to 95%

GPS ANT:highly sensitive ANT

GSM ANT:dual band monopole antenna

ACC Detect Support

Oil/Power Control Support

Working Voltage :9V~ 36V

best GPS car tracking device

Also provides a stable GPS tracking system with no monthly fee,This is the best GPS car tracking device.Need a cheap and stable GPS car tracking device, you can contact our online customer service to get samples.

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