What is the connection between wireless GPS and long standby

2019/6/27 9:50:45

Is there a GPS we have become a wireless long standby GPS, what is the connection between wireless and long standby? Today, let's discuss it together.

First, wireless GPS and long standby technology:

Wireless GPS Tracker:

1. Wireless is one of the means in GPS positioning technology. It is a technology that spreads through wireless information. Generally speaking, the wireless technology effectively combines the information of the original GPS positioning and tracking, and "finely cuts" the complicated process of the original wiring, making it easier and faster to operate.

2, wireless technology due to more sealed, so we must make these devices for the chip and all aspects of a complete system solution.

3, wireless GPS module, chip, card holder, base station and other tests are much stricter than the wiring type GPS and the cost price is relatively high, about 3 times of the wiring.

wireless GPS

Long standby GPS Tracker:

The ultra-long standby GPS is a technology based on wireless GPS based on further optimization. At present, there are more technologies such as increasing standby time, extending standby time, and chip power consumption in wireless. The main performance is:

1. Add batteries to the device and extend the standby time by selecting a high-quality dry battery.

2, increase the chip, is conducive to signal detection.

3. Increase the waterproof function and enhance the wear resistance.

4, the whole network is common, open 2G, 3G, 4G network use.

Second, the relationship between wireless GPS and long standby:

Wireless GPS is a relatively new technology product. It has developed from the simple GPS positioning, information reporting and positioning tracking to the current long standby technology. More often, the GPS technology is further upgraded and technically modified. It has evolved into a process of mature technology, which fully reflects the ever-changing development space of GPS technology!