What is the meaning of GPS tracker free card

2019/7/27 10:56:46

The GPS tracker itself does not require a SIM card. It is itself a complete system. As long as the positioner is powered, it can receive signals from more than three satellites for positioning. However, this positioning is a two-way process, that is, the locator receives the information, and also transmits and receives its own positioning information through the device, and calculates and receives the transmitted information to determine the location of the GPS device.

If there is no SIM card, it is equivalent to no network, GPS information can not be shared with other devices, and the positioning platform software does not have your location information.

The platform is the medium for testing vehicles and the point of concentration for processing equipment. Only through the platform software can the positioning data be parsed into a Chinese address, realizing historical trajectories, electronic fences, mobile phones and other functions. Therefore, the GPS tracker, SIM card, and platform software are triangular and the most stable relationship is essential.

The GPS tracker free card promoted by the brand is because the GPS tracker basically has a built-in chip card, that is, the chip of the card is directly soldered to the motherboard at the factory, which simplifies the user's trouble. Therefore, the so-called GPS tracker free card does not have to be purchased separately, but "the wool still comes from the sheep's back", and the cost of the SIM card is included in the price of the GPS tracker. Additionally, it should be noted that cards configured by merchants will typically be given free flow for a period of time. In the later stages, it is necessary to update the fees, usually annually. However, this cost is much lower than the network traffic cost we are facing, so we use it. do not worry.

GPS tracker free card