What risks can the Vehicle tracker avoid for Car loan

2019/5/20 11:18:45

Loan buying a car has become a major popular consumption method when buying a car. For consumers, a loan to buy a car can reduce the pressure of funds and can not affect the use of the car, but for the lending company, the loaned vehicle will have some potential Risk, because the vehicle is not subject to the lending company, so you need to install the Vehicle tracker to monitor, so as to reduce the risk of the lending company, then which type of vehicle tracker to choose? What potential risks can be avoided?


First, there are several types of Vehicle trackers that are popular in China: wired tracker, wireless tracker, OBD tracker and magnetic long standby tracker. How do you choose a variety of Vehicle trackers?

 Vehicle tracker

1, according to the choice of models, there are various types of Vehicle trackers on the market, but not every model is suitable for all kinds of models. Auto finance companies should choose according to the models of the monitored vehicles, according to the internal structure of the models. Choose the appropriate Vehicle tracker for the overall design.


2, according to the installation location selection, domestic senior gps manufacturers will produce many types and specifications of products for the choice of auto finance companies, then you need the auto finance company to select the product specifications and types according to the position of the vehicle tracker, due to the gps signal The way of tracking is also different. It is necessary to combine the placement position to avoid the risk of signal transmission caused by the placement position.

According to the above choice of Vehicle tracker, you can choose a positioner that suits your model, but for safety, you usually use double insurance, wired Vehicle tracker + wireless vehicle tracker.


The wired Vehicle tracker can view the specific information of the vehicle in real time, while the wireless Vehicle tracker plays a preventive role. When the wired Vehicle tracker is manually removed, it can be tracked via the Wireless Vehicle Tracker.

Vehicle tracker


Second, since the Vehicle tracker has been chosen to ensure the safety of the vehicle, can it avoid the potential risks?


1, the risk of car loss, the main role of the vehicle tracker installed is to avoid the loss of the vehicle. The vehicle can be monitored by logging into the vehicle monitoring platform. If the vehicle is driven to a position where it is unable to return signals or if there is a sudden loss of signal, the administrator should check the information in time.


2, to avoid the risk of the second mortgage of the vehicle, for the loan vehicle, the risk of the capital caused by the vehicle owner or other institutions to mortgage the second mortgage or secondary borrowing caused greater losses, then the Vehicle tracker played The main role and advantages of its real-time monitoring. The vehicle monitoring platform can record the form trajectory of the vehicle and the daily parking position, and rely on the calculation method of recording big data to obtain the approximate driving situation and usage of the vehicle every day. Because the vehicle is monitored in real time, Thereby reducing the occurrence of the vehicle being mortgaged twice.


Summary: After installing the Vehicle tracker, not only can some potential risks be avoided in advance, but also the probability of losing the car can be reduced. If a crisis situation occurs, it is necessary to quickly check the customer's information, analyze the customer's information, and enable the alternate Vehicle tracker to dispatch the staff to go in time to ensure that the assets are not lost.