Why GPS devices can be positioned in real time

2019/9/20 10:22:00

Why GPS devices can be positioned in real time?

A: To answer this question, you must first understand the basic working principle of GPS: a system for positioning and navigating in real time on a global scale using GPS positioning satellites, called Global Positioning System (GPS). The GPS device is a satellite navigation system developed by the US Department of Defense with all-round, all-weather, full-time, high-precision satellite navigation system, which can provide functions such as vehicle positioning, anti-theft, anti-robbery, driving route monitoring and call command. In order to achieve all of the above functions, it is necessary to have three elements of a GPS device terminal, a transmission network, and a monitoring platform.

 GPS devices

The GPS device obtains the satellite signal to calculate the latitude and longitude, and transmits the real-time location to the monitoring platform through the network (usually using SIM card traffic for transmission), and then presents it on the mobile APP or the computer end, so that real-time positioning can be achieved.