Why choose 4G not 3G GPS tracker

2018/3/2 17:19:41

In December 2016, AT&T and Telstra announced will shut down their 2G network. Optus,Vodafone, T-mobile, SingTelare set to follow suit this year. Most of companies engaged in GPS business realize it’s time to upgrade the 2G GPS tracker. but how to choose the new solutions for business, 3G GPS tracker or 4G GPS tracker?


AT&T: http://about.att.com/innovationblog/2g_sunset

Telstra: https://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/Telstra-Product-Exits/Our-2G-Network-has-closed/ba-p/440992

The 4G GPS tracker is the most coveted option. Compatible with the latest mobile technology, these devices features high functionality and hence, demand for these devices is rising at a massive pace. The paragraphs underneath shall discuss the reasons to opt for the 4G GPS tracker.

  • The majority of the providers are switching from 2G to 4G technology 

With the objective to enhance the quality of services, the majority of the mobile service providers are upgrading to the 4G technology from the 2G setup. It was during 2015 that major providers like Telstra and AT&T announced the shift from 2G to 4G technology. As such, the adoption of the 4G GPS tracker is the best option left to the vehicle owners.

  • 4G device will be the best options left after 2G closed

As the mobile service providers will upgrade to 4G technologies, all those GPS trackers working on 2G technology will stop functioning. At those instances, GPS trackers working on 4G technology will be the only available options. Hence, adopting the 4G version of the GPS tracking device will not be a choice but, a matter of compulsion. In this context, it will be especially relevant to state that provider, opting for such upgrade is providing hardware to their customers free of cost. This will enable them to cope with the technological upgrade.

  • Why 4G trackers and not the 3G devices? 

In instances of choosing the GPS tracking device, 3G GPS devices is an option in addition to the 4G enabled devices. Hence, it is an obvious question why should you emphasize on the 4G GPS tracker. This is the most advanced form of mobile technology and hence, future of 3G mechanism. As such, this version of the mobile technology will maintain its relevance for a significant span of time. Thus, once you upgrade the GPS tracking to 4G standards, you will not have to opt for another upgrade in the recent future. This way, you can escape the threats of expenses for frequent updates. At the same time, you will get the benefit of the latest technology without spending a lot.

  • What are the benefits of adopting the 4G GPS device? 

Once you upgrade the tracking device to 4G compatibility, you will not require undergoing a subsequent upgrade in near future. Hence, you can escape the expenses for frequent upgrades. For advanced mechanism, you can avail several additional features from the 4G compatible GPS tracking devices. These devices will assist the vehicle fleet management and save the cost.

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