Why do I need to install a car GPS locator when my car have own GPS navigation

2019/10/18 14:23:08

Many car owners have such misunderstandings, obviously my car has its own GPS positioning system, why spend money to install another one? They think that car GPS locator is installed on the car for navigation. Nowadays, many cars have their own navigation. Even if they don't, they can navigate through the phone. Why do you need to spend another car GPS locator? In fact, the car GPS locator and navigation functions are completely different. The concept of car GPS navigation and car GPS locator is confused.


The car's own GPS is only used for navigation. It belongs to the original car configuration. The owner can only navigate when driving. Once he leaves the car, he can't know where his car is. When the car is missing or the owner wants to track, you can only passively go to the interconnection center of the brand to inquiry where the car is. Then the question is coming. Is it necessary for the owner to go to the brand interconnection center every time when he finds a car without car GPS locator? The answer is yes. This kind of situation belongs to the platform of the brand owned by the automobile itself. That is to say, the owner cannot manage and locate his own car independently, and can only passively go to the car interconnection center for inquiry and tracking after the incident. Or imagine:

 car GPS locator

When your vehicle is stolen, besides the police or need to go to the brand interconnection center in person?


When the car lends to friends and colleagues, how do you know where they drive the car?


When the relatives use the car, you will be upset and worried about their safety.


when you see an excessive amount of vehicle bills, how do you reduce the cost?


These problems, GPS navigation cannot help you solve, but the car GPS locator can.


Positioning anti-theft, satellite positioning system, using remote control technology to display the vehicle position in real time on the platform, even if the vehicle is stolen, can quickly find the vehicle. Chasing the car, doing things outside, forgetting where the car is parked, try chasing the car mode, let you find the parking place in minutes. Satellite positioning can be seen in real-time display of streetscapes. It is very useful for finding cars, monitoring cars or anti-theft. When friends or relatives use cars, you can also view street scenes to ensure their safety through Hhuizhou Great-Will industrial Co, Ltd. Mileage statistics, including playback speed and trajectory playback, for vehicle usage and fuel consumption statistics. Remote control of vehicle functions: Remotely power off the vehicle through a computer or mobile phone, which can be used when the vehicle is stolen or in some emergency situations. Alarm information reminder, such as vehicle ignition start, overspeed alarm, GPS removal alarm, etc., not only can make the vehicle safely upgrade, but more importantly, remind the owner to drive safely at any time.

 car GPS locator


In summary, the GPS that comes with the car can only be used for navigation and positioning, but the GPS locator can help you manage your car. Especially for some car rental mortgages, mortgage loans, and companies that manage vehicles are even more important. Because they have a lot of cars under their name, management is very inconvenient. They need to control location information, mileage fuel consumption information, route travel, etc. If the information cannot be connected to each other, it is difficult to manage, and the utilization rate and efficiency will be very low.


The GPS locator can connect all of this information to a monitoring platform. All vehicle information is at a glance, data is guaranteed, and dispatch management is very convenient. This is the same for individual car owners, no matter where the car is parked, or if you want to know where your family is using the car, it can be easily monitored.