Why is the GPS signal weakened or not at all

2019/5/22 8:43:12

The GPS tracker receives the signal emitted from the satellite. Because of the satellite transmission power and distance, it is thousands of times smaller than the signal of the surrounding station. The GPS tracker needs to extract the received signal using sophisticated techniques.


What factors will be weakened by GPS signals?

1, GPS satellite signals to penetrate the entire atmosphere, the attenuation is very powerful.

2, the GPS satellite signal encounters all metal objects will not penetrate, resulting in GPS completely no signal

3, the water will also weaken the GPS signal, when the thickness of the water reaches 1 cm, it will completely block the GPS signal.

4, too thick non-metallic objects can completely shield GPS signals, such as wall

5, dense trees can weaken GPS signals

6, fully enclosed space can block GPS signals. Such as indoors, tunnels, underground parking lots, etc.

7, the impact of weather factors. Such as sunspots, bad weather may reduce GPS signals