Why is the car GPS locator so important

2019/9/21 10:12:17

The various types of car GPS locator in the market are not very different. The basic functions include the following categories. Here I have divided the six categories of functions:


Car GPS locator function

Real-time monitoring: We installed vehicle positioning on the car to monitor the position, speed, direction and alarm status of the vehicle in real time, and provide rich control commands to realize real-time interaction between the monitoring center and the vehicle.


Electronic fence: Freely create electronic fences of various types (circular, rectangular, polygonal), which comes down to the security series function. You can set a range on the map. When the vehicle travels beyond this range, it will alarm. This is A virtual electronic fence is bound to the vehicle, and when the vehicle is near the fence, the monitoring platform begins to send a fork alarm. The class belongs to the satellite positioning navigation system vehicle terminal. One of the functional electronic fences is to define the route, parking lot and working surface on the electronic map of the monitoring center platform or the vehicle terminal. Range, sound and light alarm or oil cut-off protection.


Remote control: When the car GPS locator is installed, there is a mobile APP corresponding to the brand platform. We can read the status information of the vehicle through the mobile app, including problem diagnosis, such as remotely controlling the vehicle, powering off the vehicle, and recovering the circuit. Wait for operation

 car GPS locator

Anti-theft of the vehicle: As long as we install the car GPS locator, we can set the alarm and fence range values according to the actual situation. The navigation function of car GPS locator can help us quickly query the vehicle position and real-time tracking, and provide real-time scene data collection. And track playback, through the APP we can also easily grasp the vehicle driving data, to ensure that the vehicle information is under control


Vehicle alarm: When the vehicle is in the armed state, illegal vibration and displacement will trigger the device to alarm to the monitoring platform and send a text message to the owner's mobile phone. After the vibration alarm, when the device senses the vibration, the device itself will not have any sound.


Track playback: flexible and variable time period selection, playing back the historical track (including speed, position, direction, parking information) of the selected vehicle during the time period


Car GPS locator features

Self-built layer: The administrator can mark the position of the company and the construction site on the map by text and image. It can also build the route that is not on the road and better improve the map to manage the vehicle.

 car GPS locator

Text scheduling management: Management can send text scheduling information to a certain car or a group of vehicles by text. The information sent will be saved for later verification.


Speeding alarm statistics: Through the driving data saving function provided by the system, after the event, the driving data of a certain vehicle on a certain day of the day can be played back, and a report can be generated for the response, and the function can be used for assessment.


Driving route tracking: The driving route function can be recorded in real time for a single vehicle or all vehicles. When the vehicle passes, a black line will be drawn on the map, and the administrator can visually see the driving route of the vehicle.

car GPS locator 

Complete administrator management features:


(1) Vehicle information management can carry out maintenance work on querying, counting, adding, deleting and changing vehicle information.


(2) The administrator can be assigned rights to achieve hierarchical and multi-level management.


(3) Log management, such as login log, alarm setting, message sending, etc. for statistics, printing and deletion.