Wireless car GPS locator and OBD locator which is better

2019/8/29 17:21:14

Let's talk about some differences between wireless car GPS locators and obd locators. Wireless car GPS locator: refers to the GPS locator that does not need wires to connect. This type of GPS locator has its own battery, and its shape is small, easy to install and concealed. Obd locator: The design of OBD from the beginning is used by car engineers to detect the state of the car. After the evolution, the positioning function has been added to make the installation of the traditional GPS locator more convenient (after all, the car now has an obd interface). It is also possible to obtain some data of the whole car (such as mileage, engine condition, fuel consumption, error code, etc.) through the APP.

 OBD locators

OBD locator installation method: Plug and play, as long as you find the car's obd interface can be installed at any time.


Car GPS locator installation method: avoid metal objects, position can be placed anywhere, no restrictions, installation is more concealed.


From the function point of view, the wireless car GPS locator seems to be too monotonous, and the OBD locator is more comprehensive in terms of functions. In fact, most car owners or car loan industry install GPS locator is to protect the car from being stolen, and now the criminal activities are high; users buy locators are more need to prevent shielding and anti-detection, and OBD locator is because Connected to the car OBD interface, it is not easy to hide, it is easy to be detected and destroyed, and the normal positioning function cannot be realized. The wireless car GPS locator itself has anti-shielding and anti-detection functions, and the volume is relatively small, easy to hide, and not easy to be discovered. The wireless car GPS locator is superior in terms of security!