customer orders 10000 pieces Vehicle gps tracker

2018/7/20 18:12:54

On July 10, 2018, Indonesia customers visited and needed to purchase large quantities of vehicle gps tracking. After the visit, the customer had a deeper understanding of the Great-Will GPS tracker. In the subsequent conversation, the two sides reached a further consensus on a number of cooperation intentions. Accompanied by company managers and senior salesmen, the customer visited our office and watched our different types of vehicle gps tracker product lines. Under the manager's explanation, Customer feel that my company's products meet their requirements, and feel that we are very professional in the GPS tracker industry. So customer went to the company's negotiation room for further detailed conversation


On behalf of the company, General Manager Joe warmly welcomed guests from afar. Accompanied by the main person in charge of the sales department and the general manager, the Indonesia customers visited the company's most competitive GPS tracker products. During the visit, our company accompanied the staff to give a detailed product introduction and proposed to the customer. The question was answered professionally. The rich professional knowledge and excellent working ability also left a deep impression on the customers.



Since the customer is the largest GPS company in Indonesia, the quantity of each purchase is relatively large, mainly for their dealers, so the price must have an advantage, the product quality should be stable, and the platform positioning should be accurate.


Indian customers trust us very much. Finally, customer ordered 5,000 pieces TR08 vehicle gps trackers and 5000 pieces TR05 cheap mini vehicle gps tracker. customer directly gave us the US dollar payment, which also represents the trust and support of our customers. Think that we are very professional.

Huizhou Great-Will Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional GPS Tracker manufacturer, established in 2007. As a leading OEM/ODM manufacturer of GPS tracker products, we export our products to clients in 20 countries.


With 10+ years's development , Great Will is muture and stable , growing up together with clients all over the world ,added up to 50 countries .Annual Manufacturing also meet with 90 thousands pieces .It is a big step in GPS industrial .


  Finally, taking a photo as the beginning of our cooperation, We believe that we will have more and more opportunities for cooperation in the future. Our Great-Will will provide customers with new model gps tracker, stable gps tracker and competitive gps products.