elderly people GPS tracker

2017/8/30 12:40:49

    What is the use of the elderly locator? For this problem, first of all we have to understand what is the elderly locator, simple and easy to understand, the elderly locator is the main use of gps positioning principle of the location of the elderly to track and confirm, for everyone to explain the details of the elderly locator Features:

    Elderly watch gps tracker not only looks small, easy to carry, and full-featured, simple operation, mainly has the following characteristics: size and weight are appropriate, easy to carry, easy to use the elderly; positioner with four single-button emergency button, Help, speed dial button can call the pre-set number, pre-set the contact phone number, you can quickly contact the family, and family dialogue, to the elderly to provide a more efficient mode of operation, do not need to enter each other's phone number, Eliminate the trouble of making a phone call in a state of emergency. And can filter the unregistered phone number calls; can provide the current location of the device information, the elderly as long as the GPS personal positioning device, parents can always understand the location of the child, better control of the child's position; send text messages, can be set to 4 Family number. In the face of danger or sudden situation, according to any key can get in touch with the parents. Parents can be the district this area is set to a safe area, an elderly walk away from the safe area, the device will automatically send alarm information to his family, let the family know the whereabouts of the elderly.

     So how does the older locator use? Mainly divided into two steps: 1, the elderly locator to get the hand, as long as the computer terminal platform or send text messages, set the ringtone, family number, then you can carry it, whether it is hanging neck or put pocket Are all right. 2, is how to track the GPS locator where the problem, how can we find a personal GPS locator to wear that person? You can find the message, or log on the client platform, so you can see you want to query, location and call are no problem, and even can open the listening mode. Real-time query: support computer platform query, SMS command query, Smart phone inquiries; personalized settings: custom ringtones settings, volume settings, family number settings; call restrictions: let your family away from the advertising phone, spam messages harassment; SOS help: the most in your family when you need, Gently press the security companions;