free-installation gps tracking device knowledge

2017/10/31 15:50:28

Now the most common gps tracking device on the market is divided into: wiring type, free installation type, OBD type. Today we are talking about the topic of installing GPS locators without installation.


Free installation GPS locator, according to the use can be divided into: car GPS locator, personal GPS locator, pet GPS locator. In the following, we focus on the vehicle-based installation of GPS locator.


Free installation of gps tracking device knowledge


1, free installation of gps tracking device advantage


1. Free installation, free to place


Free installation of GPS locator power supply comes from the built-in battery, so free to place any position, or strong magnetic adsorption in the car and other hidden places, where to put where to put.


2. Small size, strong concealment


Due to the shackles of the power cord, free installation GPS locator can be placed arbitrarily, such as random adsorption in the car chassis, seats, lampposts and other hidden places, it is difficult to be found.


3. Installation is simple, no professional training


No wiring, the installation, the owner without the need for professional technical training, but also very good to find it suitable placement "home", and do not need to hire a professional master to install, so cost savings.


It is not easy to detect interference


Because the wireless GPS locator must be awakened at a specified time, the monitoring time can be grasped, the flexibility is stronger, and the interference of the signal jammers or detectors is effectively avoided to a great extent.


5. Higher safety performance


Today, most of the car loans, rental customers are aware of the vehicle will be installed on the GPS locator, wired GPS locator is easy to be ulterior motives people along the power line to find its hiding place, once the demolition is not the role of positioning. And free to install GPS locator due to concealment,

Therefore, greatly improve the ability of tampering.


2, free installation of GPS locator deficiencies


1. The consumption of electricity


Free installation of GPS locator from the built-in battery power, not rely on car power. For some, the installation of GPS locator power supply is a life, the battery life depends on the positioning information sent frequency. According to the current day of the frequency of information once, you can

Standby for 3 years.


2. Non-real-time location


Free installation GPS locator non-real-time positioning, but in the specified time to be awakened, timeliness is not enough.


3, free installation of GPS locator applications


Free installation of GPS locator for long standby standby. Due to the characteristics of strong concealment, the product is the first choice for automobile finance enterprises such as car loan, finance leasing and used car. Such as:


(1) Car rental companies;

(2) credit mortgage vehicles;

(3) loan vehicles;

(4) valuables transport;

(5) cargo transport tracking;

(6) used vehicles;

(7) container leasing;

(8) anti-theft of electric vehicles and motorcycles;

(9) monitoring of specific items and vehicles.