gps vehicle tracking system of the common problem

2017/11/28 14:50:48

1, satellite orbit: There are 24 GPS satellites orbiting around the Earth (each group of 4) along six tracks, generally there are not more than 12 satellites on the same side of the earth. Most GPS receivers can track 8 to 12 satellite. At least 3 satellites are required to calculate LAT / LONG (2-dimensional) coordinates. Plus one can calculate the 3-dimensional coordinates. For a given location, the GPS receiver knows which satellites are nearby at this time as it constantly receives updates from satellites.

    2, parallel channel: Some consumer GPS devices have 2 to 5 parallel channels to receive satellite signals. Since a maximum of 12 satellites are visible (averaging 8), this means that the GPS receiver must access each satellite in order to obtain information for each satellite. The majority of GPS receivers on the market are 20-channel parallel channels, which allow them to continuously track the information of each satellite. The advantages of 12-channel receivers include rapid cold start and initialization satellite information, and in the forested area there may be more Good reception effect. General 20-channel receiver does not require an external antenna, unless you are in a closed space, such as cabin, car.

    3, positioning time: This refers to when you restart your GPS receiver, it determines the time required for the current location. For a 20-channel receiver, if you are in the vicinity of the last position, the positioning time is usually 3 to 5 minutes for cold start and 15 to 30 seconds for hot start.

    4, Positioning accuracy: Most GPS receiver horizontal position positioning accuracy of 2.93m ~ 29.3m or so.

    5, signal interference: To give you a good positioning, GPS receiver requires at least 3 to 5 satellites are visible. If you're in a canyon or on tall buildings on both sides of the canyon, or in dense jungles, you may not be able to contact enough satellites to locate or only get two-dimensional coordinates. Similarly, if you are in a building, you may not be able to update your location, some GPS receivers have a separate antenna attached to the windshield, or an external antenna can be placed on the roof, which helps you The receiver gets more satellite signals.

    6, physical indicators: optional GPS equipment, size, weight, display, waterproof, shockproof, dustproof performance, high temperature, power consumption and other physical indicators have to be taken into account.

    7. What is the general baud rate of GPS?

    4800. There are now more and more GPS signs can provide higher rates, but for GPS applications is not much necessary, some will cause system instability.

    8, why my GPS always drifting, even if standing still float?

    The earlier GPS always had a broken message because of its weak ability to collect stars, especially when it was used for navigation in the city. This caused a lot of inconvenience to the user. Later developed some civilian GPS chip, the signal is not strong GPS signal income, resulting in the phenomenon of drift. But if, under the same circumstances, the older GPS product is completely broken, it is not until the signal is found that the satellite with enough signal will begin to accept it. So this is a more ambivalent choice, but with the continuous development and upgrading of software and hardware, I believe this situation will be less and less.

    9, Yesterday I was able to position, but today I can not position, why?

    Is usually the last time you use the GPS is not normally closed. Please restart the device and then connect, if still not on the GPS cold start processing. In the future use, be sure to disable the GPS in the software before you can turn off or unplug the GPS receiver.

    10, GPS hot start cold start and warm start what is the meaning?

    GPS boot positioning is divided into cold start, warm start and warm start three.

    Cold start: the following situations are cold start boot. When using for the first time; when the battery runs out causes the ephemeris information to be lost; When the receiver is off, move the receiver more than 1000 kilometers.

    Warm start: starting from the last positioning more than two hours.

    Hot start: start from less than two hours from the last positioning.

    Sometimes if the machine has a software problem, need cold start, cold start can use gpsviewer.

    11, a GPS receiver can simultaneously provide multiple GPS software signal?

    Generally not. However, some virtual port software can be achieved, under normal use is not much necessary.

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