greatwill:GPS vehicle tracker Is a GPS vehicle tracker wired or wireless?

2020/11/23 18:08:55

greatwill:GPS vehicle tracker Is a GPS vehicle tracker wired or wireless?

          For the current car owners, most of them will choose to install GPS vehicle tracker to control the vehicle at any time. Many of them will hesitate when choosing GPS vehicle tracker. Should they choose wired GPS vehicle tracker and wireless GPS vehicle tracker?

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1, cable GPS GPS than wireless GPS locator cable out of the "line", is used to connect to the vehicle, such as the power cord, the ACC cable GPS work power provided by the vehicle, generally with the micro battery can make the equipment in power can still work after 0.5 hours to 1.5 hours, the line was malicious cut off to prevent the equipment can't continue to work.

         Advantages: Because the working power supply of wired GPS can be provided by the vehicle, the feature of wired GPS is that it can locate in real time 24 hours a day. There is no need to worry about the device suddenly running out of power and going offline. In terms of signal strength, the signal of wired GPS device is also stronger and the positioning accuracy is relatively better.In terms of functions, the wired GPS locator has powerful functions, which can be used for real-time positioning and tracking. It can be used for remote power cut control, fuel consumption monitoring, electronic fence setting, excessive speed alarm, fatigue driving alarm, vibration alarm, illegal movement alarm...Everything is available, and the vehicle's track can be viewed from the vehicle's monitoring platform.

          Applicable vehicle types: enterprises and public transport, bus passenger transport, tracking investigation, valuable logistics transport, goods tracking, vehicle rental, car loan management, private cars and other related industries.

2. Wireless GPS locator Wireless GPS locator means that the whole device does not have external wiring, so the external power supply cannot be obtained. The working period of the device is limited by the built-in power supply.The battery life of the wireless GPS locator is determined by the positioning frequency you set. The higher the positioning frequency, the shorter the battery life.Therefore, the wireless GPS locator is generally an ultra-long standby type, which can be used directly for 2 to 3 years without replacing the battery or charging.

          Advantages: the wireless GPS positioning time is controllable, the device immediately enters the sleep state after the end of transmission signal, flexible adjustment to a large extent can avoid the INTERFERENCE of GPRS signal shield and signal detector induction, and further improve the device disassembly resistance.Wireless GPS can be installed without wiring, so the installation of wireless GPS locator is not limited by vehicle lines. It can be placed in any position of the vehicle with the help of strong magnetism and Velcro (pay attention to signal strength), with good concealment, difficult to find out except the owner, and good anti-theft.

          Applicable vehicle types: vehicle rental, vehicle loan management, private car, tracking investigation, valuable logistics transportation, public transport, goods tracking and other industries.

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