some tips for GPS tracking device marketing

2017/8/21 14:27:13

In our customer satifaction servey ,the GPS tracking device market has been classified into commercial vehicle ,cargo  and container .Further ,it has been sgmented on the basis of industries into fleet taxi/bike/scooter management ,transportation&logistics, oil&gas ,construction and others (hospitality, education ,animal and healcare).

Such as the rental industry, the credit industry, the leasing industry, the logistics industry and many other industries engaged in small and medium enterprises in the management of the vehicle there are problems, will be the eyes of the public, the dangerous goods transport vehicles, many local governments have been asked to install To the GPS vehicle monitoring system. Now the GPS locator by the logistics industry, leasing industry, credit industry, as well as within the enterprise respected, won the praise.

Today in the era of large data GPS positioning products can be achieved with ordinary mobile phone to the locator sent a positioning instruction SMS, the locator can reply to a location information SMS to the phone. With the level of improvement, positioning the location more accurate. If you need to go to the computer to see the map can also use the phone to the machine to send a need to return latitude and longitude information on the machine will immediately return to you with a latitude and longitude content of the positioning results information to your phone, you will be latitude and longitude input to the product company Available to your free inquiry system inside, you can in the computer, mobile phones and other mobile devices are clearly visible to the location of the.

It not only improves the level of enterprise information, and will help reduce the transport costs of enterprises, through the wireless communication network sent to the GPS device, reducing vehicle operating time and driver operating time, and through mileage statistics, time statistics A clear understanding of the vehicle traversed the track, etc., while also reducing vehicle transportation costs and labor costs.

With the vigorous development of related industries and road transport in China, the efficient management and safety of vehicles in the operation process have also been paid more and more attention. At the same time with the emergence of 3G / 4G network with large data platform, car GPS locator for us to create an immediate, remote, safe vehicle environment laid the foundation of science and technology.


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