2018/3/15 14:37:19

The mobile positioning gps tracker is a personal remote positioning device composed of GPS and GSM/GPRS modules. It is a smart size, high precision remote positioning device. Based on GPS satellites, it provides users with accurate location information under dynamic conditions. The personal remote positioning device transmits the latitude and longitude coordinates to the authorized mobile phone.

The mobile phone Gps Tracker refers to a technology or service that acquires the location information (latitude and longitude coordinates) of a mobile phone or a terminal user through a specific positioning technology and marks the location of the positioned object on the electronic map.

 There are two kinds of positioning technologies, one is GPS-based positioning, and the other is positioning of base stations based on a mobile operator network. The GPS-based positioning method uses the GPS positioning module on the mobile phone to send its own location signal to the positioning background to implement mobile positioning. Base station positioning is to use the estimated distance of the base station to the distance of the mobile phone to determine the location of the mobile phone. The latter does not require the handset to have GPS positioning capability, but the accuracy depends to a large extent on the distribution of the base station and the size of the coverage area, sometimes the error will exceed one kilometer. The former has higher positioning accuracy.

The latest mobile positioning technology is AGPS (AssistedGPS: AGPS), which uses the information of the communication base station to assist the positioning of the GPS module for mobile phone positioning. The main improvement is that

1. Use base station positioning to provide location information and reduce the location of blind spots in areas where there is no GPS signal indoors;

2, compared with pure GPS and pure base station positioning, AGPS has higher accuracy, generally accurate to 10 meters;

When the GPS module starts the star search phase, the approximate position of the positioning mobile phone is determined by the positioning of the base station. By pre-existing the GPS satellite ephemeris in the mobile phone, the star search can be performed quickly, and the star search phase time is shortened from 2-3 minutes to 10 seconds or so.


GPS personal tracker or fleet gps tracker

● Universal in the world

● GSM / GPRS modem supports two frequency combinations 900/1800 (850/1900) MHz (optional)

● High sensitivity, new process and the most advanced GPS chip

● Accurate positioning even under weak signals

● Work well in limited spaces such as in urban areas

● Compact size, smaller than business cards, easy to hide

● Low energy consumption

● Fast signal capture

● Supports single positioning and continuous tracking

● Support alarm and remote monitoring

● Supports speed dial buttons

● Support SMS and Internet query location information

● Can monitor without disturbing the tracked person, real-time tracking

● Target holders by phone or SMS

● In the event of an emergency, the SOS button can be precisely positioned