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2018/6/5 18:23:26

The car gps tracker is also known as the car location tracker, which is mainly a vehicle-mounted anti-theft GPS positioning product. The functions of the car location tracker generally include short message positioning, timed positioning, network query, remote monitoring, and remote car lock.

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1, GPS signal receiving part

Commonly used receiver chip

GPS terminal

The GPS terminal is a front-end device of the vehicle monitoring and management system, and is generally installed in various vehicles in secret. The GPS terminal device is mainly composed of GPS server devices.

Monitoring Center

The monitoring center is the core of the dispatching and commanding system. It is a remote visual commanding and monitoring management platform. It monitors all on-site vehicles. The electronic map on the monitoring center can display the intuitive location of the vehicle and monitor and set the vehicle through the wireless network.

At the same time, the monitoring center can realize real-time, centralized and intuitive monitoring and dispatching of the controllable operating vehicles.

Unlike fixed monitoring using wired networks, terminals rely on satellites to monitor vehicles.

GPS Positioning Monitoring System Functions and Features

GPS positioning monitoring function

real time monitoring

The monitoring center can remotely monitor vehicles in real time through the network.

Storage playback

(3) GPS positioning

Built-in GPS can track the trajectory of the vehicle to fully understand the operating conditions.

2. GPS monitoring features

The monitoring system supports monitoring through a variety of terminals, including clients such as PCs and mobile terminals, and has remote video browsing, remote control, multi-screen monitoring, and other functions.

Alarm Center

Function description: You can view the information of the terminal's super area alarm, speeding alarm (only car terminal), active alarm (car terminal only)

control center

Function description: The terminal can be cut off the oil and power (only on-board terminal), recovery of oil and electricity (only on-board terminal), lifted the robbery (only on-board terminal), lift speeding (only on-board terminal), lift the area

1) Cut off the oil and power off: cut off the oil and stop it from running

3) Disarming the Robbers: Disarming the Gps Vehicle Terminals with Robbery Alarms

4) Release speeding: Release the speed alarm of the gps vehicle terminal that has set the speed alarm

5) Releasing the area: Disarming the terminal of the already set super area

SMS center

Function description: It can send and receive SMS to the mobile phone number that is registered when the terminal in the platform is registered.

1) Send SMS

After entering the SMS center, click "Write SMS", select the name of the terminal to be sent, fill in the content of the message to be sent, and click "Send"

2) Receive SMS

After entering the SMS center, click on "Send SMS" to receive SMS

3) Check the mail box

Select the time you want to view, click on "Query", you can see all the text messages received during this time period

4) View sent information

Select the time you want to view, click on "Query" to see all the messages that have been sent during this time period

Report Center

Function description: You can view and download the area alarm, speed alarm, active alarm, mileage, visit, customer visit, detailed log within 3 months of the terminal.

1) Area alarm statistics

2) Speeding alarm statistics

3) Active alarm statistics

4) Mileage statistics

5) Visit statistics

6) Customer visit statistics

7) Detailed log report

Export Excel" to download the list of information

The main purpose of the car gps tracker is to provide a management service platform for mobile terminal location services to enterprises and institutions. 

The platform can provide users with real-time location information, trajectory tracking and other services for mobile terminals, helping companies expand management methods, reduce management costs, and improve management efficiency. Also applies to the children and the elderly in the control of the whereabouts, highway inspections, tracking of valuable goods, tracking and service dispatch, private detective tools, personal property tracking, freight forwarding, car theft, bank armored cars, military drill control, monitoring tracking , official car management positioning, etc.